Rise of Shadows Q&A - April 22, 2019

A solid deadline! Thank you very much!


We’ve got replacements for the Hall of Famed basic and classic cards internally and we’re looking for the right patch to introduce them. Won’t be in the next one (that has the mission content), but we’re hoping to get them out before the next expansion.


What’s the design team’s thoughts on recent OTK decks surrounding malygos? Was the intentional design for malygos in classic for this exact purpose? Will there be some balances to this card?

Oh yay! All we needed to hear :smiley:


Are the two legendaries that we’re HOFed also being replaced?

Anything you can tell us about the upcoming solo content? Perhaps… a hint? :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s the plan


Are there any plans to introduce more cosmetic heros to the in-game store (a la Medivh, etc) or do you prefer bundling them with limited events and special sales?

Now THIS has me curious!


This is a super interesting topic, but hard to give concrete examples of, because we often iterate on problematic designs to find good designs, and I don’t want to spoil future cards.

In general terms though, I’ve personally been quite interested in finding a way to fulfill the Beast Mastery Hunter fantasy of “Just me and my one life-time partner pet”. We’ve worked on finding something fun (for both sides) like that a few times now. No idea when or even if we’ll find a fun way to deliver that, but I hope to someday. That’s one of the blessings/curses of Hearthstone; we can often feel like there’s a kernel of a fun idea, but not quite find the right version of it, and so save it for a later set where we can iterate on it further, and keep trying to find the fun.

I’ll give you one concrete example in Rise of Shadows development though. Crystalsong Portal previously checked your whole deck for minions; it tried to form the basis of a no-minions Druid deck, to embrace the Balance Druid fantasy. However it proved to be too weak of an archetype with cards available so far, so would require putting so much power in that one card to try to carry the deck, that it was inconsistent and not fun. Instead, we swapped it to just check your hand, so that it could be used in an aggro/tempo deck that at least played a significant number of spells.


Will there be any updates coming up?

Are there any plans to introduce more Highlander/Singleton cards in the future?


Hearthstone doesn’t have a lot of ways to interact with other players. Emotes are one of the few ways to actually have some sort of communication. I’d say as far as toxic behaviors go, emotes are among the least harmful.

I can put in a bug report for this, I can understand why this would be frustrating.


I’m actually further down the pipe than card art (usually by the time I see card art it’s usually getting pretty close to done so I can riff on it for the FX:)), so I’m honestly less involved in the 2D side than most of the Designers here (and our awesome 2D artists, of course :P). We do like making new art for tokens to fit the theme of the set, as it helps fulfill the fantasy and flavor of the set. There are a few cases where a token may re-use old art. For instance, if it’s a minor part of the set, the old art is particularly fitting for some reason, the card changes late in the design process, or some other reasons.


Has there ever been a combo/synergy/archetype that players have found and was never even thought of in development?


I personally find the concept of an adventure based set, like those of the past, where you can get all the cards from the set by buy each or all wings with gold or cash interesting and appealing and I was wondering if there were any plans for future sets with such a concept.

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Any plans to bring the “Sorry!” Emote back?


Will there be any way to earn more gold or will there be more quests each day ???


Are you going to rework underperforming legendaries from past expanisons to a level of being playable and to be an optional addition to decks, not just a “don’t add it in your deck, ever”? Like opening up a legendary should be like…


not be like…

“oh I got… this… free 400 dust I guess?”


Few questions:

Any info on being able to get old cardbacks and hero portaits again(khadgar and tyrande for example who many dint have even chance to get her) ,or preorder ones i get team and some players want to be special.
But comprise between returning and keeping them limited id like to see is theyre limited as they are now but once the set theyre part of rotates out they can be bought in the shop.

Any plans for unerfing more cards and hall of faming them like you did with molten giant? Id love to see ancient of lore ,coldblood,keeper of grove and such playable in wild at their ogrinal strength.

Any plans or so about having a changing core set for basic and classic? so theyre not Always same ones in standard but still have that set people can rely on? like 1year we loose brawl but we get sleep with fishes in standard and next we have reckless flurry as a example.

Whats your stance on unerfing more cards that are now wild only? wild is susposed to be a format to play/enjoy your old cards in but alot of old cards are nerfed/changed so we can really play thos anymore as they
were in standard at the time.

How do you decide the style of tech cards? delay or possible ruining their win condiction on the spot(mojomaster zihi vs dirty rat).
I fully agree that tech cards are needed but i personaly find/feel delay style like zihi is better overal design as its still tech and gives your oponent still a chance instead of you winning on spot from a Lucky pull basicly.

For tavern brawls is there any chance of the 2dead days in end being removed so the brawl is active till next one. OR providing multiple brawls at once as option?(mainly for brawlisieum and heroic tavern brawl)

And what is the teams current stance on more cosmeticetic rewardss in genera(be it more hero portaits,cardbacks or something else entierly?)

also not really related to rise of shadows at all, but id apreciate a answer anyway is there any chance were gonan get the death Knights as portaits for the forums?