Rise of Shadows Q&A - April 22, 2019


Achivment system will ever be added to the game?


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When will alternate heroes such as Khadgar and Tyrande be made available again?


For the sake of the community, can you please make a comment in regards to an auto-squelch feature?


Achivment system will ever be added to the game?

(Stephen Chang) #212
  • Don´t you think the epics should have the same rule as legendary cards? (Can´t open duplicates.)

We’re happy with the no duplicates rules for Legendary cards, but have no plans to extend it to epic cards.

  • Are you pleeeeeeease going to do something about wild soon?

When we release a new expansion, we’re always excited to see players try out new cards and discover synergies and decks that will shape the meta. We’ve seen this with Rise of Shadows and have been monitoring the ebbs and flows as decks rise in prominence and get countered by other decks. With the Wild meta in particular, we tend to see crazier interactions and stronger decks and this is something we’re generally happy with. In certain cases when decks seem out of line with what we’re comfortable with, we have stepped in, like in the case for Naga Sea Witch and Aviana. We’ve discussed the possibility of nerfing cards, such as Barnes and Bloodbloom, but the meta is still settling down and we’d like to continue to gather more data before making any decisions. We’ll continue to monitor the meta closely to make sure nothing gets too out of hand.

  • There are few problems in standard right now too

We’ve been watching closely as the meta has adjusted day to day and week to week since Rise of Shadows has been released. We’ve seen a variety of different decks be “the best deck” so far and are happy with how players are adjusting and countering what they’re seeing as the most prevalent decks on the ladder.

Non duplicate epics needs to be a thing

You said long time ago that “missed season cardbacks” will come back at any time to allow people that miss them be able to obtain them again. What about that?


Will you consider giving wild more tournaments? As a wild player I would love to participate and play in official tournaments. Not to mention, people have been complaining about voidcaller, Myras Unstable Element, and Barnes in wild. Have you guys considered nerfs?


Will we ever see a legend theme cardback for wild or something that will encourage people to play wild more


Seriously, can we please, pleaseeeee get wild packs in the shop? Or at least in the blizzard shop, for IN-GAME currency and not real money?


Could you possibly have a member of the team join the wild hearthstone discord? It would allow you guys to get info from the community about what we would like in our format.


Any chance for a new milestone like the 500 wins golden portrait? Maybe a new platinum portrait or cardback at 1000 wins or even 2500 wins?


Why’d you guys decide on nerfing some classic cards such as Cold Blood instead of HoFing them as you usually do?


hello and thanks for hosting this Q&A
as a hardcore wild player i have some concerns about future of wild
can u take a look at curent state of wild with all this mana cheat/highroll cards ?
sure big priest and DH warlock dont have the best winrate but its worst feeling in the world when opponent just play barnes on 4 or play DH+Bloodbloom+imp generators on curve and u just lose the game

(Liv Breeden) #221

We’ve heard from the community and understand this is an important thing to you. And it’s important to us too! The idea of a new game mode is very exciting, so figuring out what the right thing to do is important. We’re going to continue making card expansion and solo content, but other ways to play Hearthstone is something we’re very interested in.


Speaking of HSreplay, do you guys use that information a lot? How do you feel about such a useful tool being locked behind a monthly premium? Some pro players consider the premium version to be something they -cannot- live without.


I’ve been playing for a while, but recently decided to start again from scratch to see what the lower levels are like. They were great fun and very rewarding.

Thank you for all the packs and cards you’ve given out with this expansion, they are appreciated, however, I feel that an experienced player, who has reached level 60 with all classes doesn’t have much to aim for after that.

Any plans to reward longer term players in the pipeline? Thanks for the game though, I enjoy it very much.


One of your current design goals this year seems to be refining and defining the specific strengths and weaknesses of each class.

Where are you in that respect? What are the distinct design philosophies of each class?

This would be a great topic for a designer insight or blog post down the road


when is the solo adventure coming out ?


Will we have the in game tournament mode this year ?