Rewards Track Refresh for United in Stormwind

Rewards Track Refresh for United in Stormwind

It’s almost time for the Rewards Track to refresh with tons of new loot.

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of course, the first free legendary in the track is the one I hoped to not find.
Well, I guess I won’t find it in a pack after all :joy:

Honestly I rather had a remake of Bolvar but I can understand why they took him.
Though I like his Danganronparefference.

Not sure if a meta deck will need it, but it seems really good. I think that Paladin quest will include it.

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Are we going to be able to open our packs early for pre order on the weekend? Like previous expansions

Will it be a desenchant protection for the reward track legendary for opening a golden, normal one like Mankrik and Samuro like the last expansion if we open in pack in the wekend?

It says “Forged in the Barrens Gameplay achievements will no longer grant Reward Track XP once United in Stormwind releases on August 3” but I had some I was almost done completing and they no longer give experience. I also completed the ??? one a couple times and I think it’s bugged at 3/4 completed since I did them all a couple times and it showed the enemy hero exploding as I finished it each time but it wouldn’t give me the card back.


Can someone clarify (yes this is probably a dumb question) - but they say “When the Rewards Track refreshes when United in Stormwind launches, all players will automatically be granted any unclaimed rewards on both the free track and the Tavern Pass track (if purchased)”

Does this mean I will get every reward even though I haven’t earned it?

its lady prestor !!! i like that one !

you scared me

i thought it was druid questline !


oh no, I assumed it was obviously a neutral :joy:

Then maybe the “trade” legendary is even worse than this, so it’s not the worts outcome possible

no, it means that if you are level 100, but for some reason you didn’t take some rewards from the track (by clicking on them), then they will be added automatically.

If you are level 50, you won’t receive rewards from level 51+

If you mean a dupe protection so if buy reward track and so get Varian Wrynn as Diamond you will unable to get him as a legendary until you got all the other legendaries then yes.

This track has a female paladin. Next track will have Cariel. I hope at least one of them has female Silver Hand troops. Even though I don’t like warlock as much as I used to, Tamsin should be a fun hero. Hopefully Scabbs and Guff are at least good for a few laughs.

That means they’re saving the mage, Bru’kan, Cariel, and the hunter for last. I wonder if they’ll actually do four sets of three hero skins with the third expansion of the year.


What I wonder, because of Dupeprotection and we get with Elwynn Boar two epics in the Reward Track, should I wait until I unlocked this two golden Boars before I open my pre-ordered card packs because so Dupeprotection will prevent me from wasting 2 Epic Slots?
Edit: Someone other already told me, no the refund is not working for them, better only open only class specific booster until you got on Reward track lvl 75.

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I want to know this also!

Even if, we should not.
Refund policy is not working for Reward Track cards except Varian and Katrana and so until if you get one or two Elwynn Boar cards during opening you wasted an epic card slot because Dupe Protection only works after you got the card but not before.
So if you do every daily quest with 1100 EXP, has the reward pass bought and do the weekly quests too you should wait 6 1/2 weeks before opening packs so you got already the two golden elywynn boars and so dupe protection is preventing you from getting them over drawing.

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I opened a ticket about this, I had 2 achievements I’ve been grinding for the past week and finished them after the patch and got no xp, both were 500xp achievements. No answer after 24h from support.

Geez, Alliance currency won’t be equally obtainable as Horde currency. You could review it there, because for those who played or plays WOW on the Alliance side like me, I could use it in Hearthstone. Apart from that I loved every reward.

Now THAT are ugly hero portraits, it’s getting even worse than before. Blizz, when will you start creating really good looking hero portraits? Nobody wants to play a cow with a purple boxershorts or a little angry bald gnome.

No. In a new QA with the lead developer they said they have no intention to add it either.
If those packs feel underwhelming and not worth the money they will instead throw even more boosters inside.

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I played 1 2 and v3 what DR ref?