Rewards Track Refresh for Murder at Castle Nathria

Rewards Track Refresh for Murder at Castle Nathria

It’s almost time for another Rewards Track refresh, with new exciting rewards!

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Can’t believe Blizzard didn’t do another mage diamond card. What a wasted opportunity bro…

Why no Rafaam skin blizzard!


So will the new rewards track start the 26th? Or will there be no rewards track until the 2nd?

My dreams of playing as Sesselie are SHATTERED! I wish Blizzard put in the effort and gave each of the suspect a skin :frowning:

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Oh I guess I read it wrong, we still earn experience on the current tracker, just not exp for achievements right?

Tavern pass back to being boring, then, from the looks of the portrait rewards. Gave us Maiev, Arrana, Sylvanas, Lunara, Liadrin, Nemsy, and Tyrande again? Are we only going to get two portraits of new heroes each pass? I understand it’s probably easier for recycling lines or what not but I’m kind of getting sick of seeing the same 20 heroes over and over again with only the occasional “hey, we threw in a new Kael’thas portrait, remember him?”

When are you going to add naxx to classic?

Imagine not being able to show your Diamond Cards ANIMATED in your own announcement :man_facepalming:

Anyone want to talk about the reduction of gold earned from level 100 onwards?

That’s the way this past season’s ‘rewards track’ was, doesn’t look like anything changed regarding gold quantity. Did you play this season?

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