Reno is too much

Since nobody made the thread, let me be the one.

8 Mana poof, plus disallowing your opponent from playing the game next turn to ready your board for the sweet Rheastrasza that’s about to drop and ruin your opponents hopes and dreams. Oh, on Turn 6 that is, and also forgot to mention that it targets your opponents board specifically because poof-ing the whole board and not just the opponent’s would be too weak … apparently.

Goodness me, what is this card. Let me add here that I had my opponent Discover Starlight Whelp twice from the Purified Nest which gave him another 2 Renos which at that point I had to concede because it was quite clear who was God’s favorite between us two.


maybe, you should run the cards that counter it


This is a very tech heavy meta. Use it my dude.

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Use it as in pick up Plague DK 1st day of the Expansion like a metaslave

I would rather not.
I appreciate you boys (or girls) dancing around the answer, but this is giving pre-nerfed Yogg discussion all over again.

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Bruh there is at least one neutral iirc that shuffles two copies of snake oil into an opponent’s deck. So run 2 copies of that.


I like your optimism but the scenario you are providing is wishful thinking.

we gave you the answer

you made your choice

you dont want help

you want to cry


My dude if you refuse to run a hardcounter deck, and you refuse to use tech options it’s on you. And if your answer against tech is “it doesn’t guarantee a shutdown!” it’s not supposed to. It’s just supposed to give you a chance. Either run it or play Plague DK or accept it.


I think Reno’s a 10 mana card honestly.

I know they don’t want the counter synergy with Rheastrasza, but they might also need to make it a parallel effect.

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No you didn’t Cheezus.

This is a thread discussing the meta. You telling me there is a below-average card that “counters” Reno is anything but an answer.

I am not refusing anything.

I am just making observations regarding my experience, first day of the Expansion.

Moreover what is this hostility here. Mind as well join my actual account to get some respect while making a thread like this. Is this what newcomers face, lol (no wonder … )

I know right.
Card is busted.

It’s true that Reno would work against Rheastrasza by clearing the whole board but it feels like a necessary evil.

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Highlander requirement is a drawback not a feature so highlander rewarding cards have to be busted to justify it. No hostility here just being frank. Use the neutral highlander tech if it is giving you issues. The card is a rare called Snake Oil Seller.


Don’t worry cutie it wasn’t directed to you, it was at Cheezus telling me I am supposedly crying.

I get your thinking.
But that card will bring you more drawback than it will the opponent.

All they need is to draw 1 of the 2 and they will get their effect of one way or another. All you will achieve in the end is wasting 2 deck slots with that card.

Remember Albatross. That was the highlander tech at the time and it did its job then. This time around we have Snake oil seller. We don’t get direct disruption. Theotar is the closest we ever got and people cried until it was nerfed away and we are never getting anything anywhere near that again. Snake Oil Seller is the best option we get to counter Highlander stuff that any class can use. We are not ever getting anything better than that.


While Reno certainly packs a punch at 8 mana, I think a potential nerf depends entirely on how strong the highlander decks actually are in the meta. Usually I don’t actually like this method since a busted card will be busted eventually. However, the strict deck building requirements for including Reno in the first place really do limit it’s ceiling.

As for Highlander Druid, I would actually be thrilled if that deck was able to be tier 1. Some of the cards (Reno included of course) are very strong, but it’s actually a pretty fair deck as far as Hearthstone goes.

Theres just too much anti minion stuff in the game now. Its just not fun to play a board based minion deck anymore.

Mabye OTK stone appeals to some people but after 2 expansions its become stale in a game that was already stale

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what 10 mana without removing the highlander requeriment ???

Too early to tell but I think Reno is a healthy card for the meta, it helps minion focused decks instead of BS otk and it’s for singleton decks only.


Reno is a fine card. It’s the first real counterplay we’ve gotten for previously uninteractive effects, and while it’s strong, it requires substantial deck building concessions. With so many other strategies having gotten obscene power creep in their tools, Highlander needed something just as compelling to run those strategies, and Reno fits that bill perfectly.

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Yes. It’s a non-parallel board clear that locks the board for a turn.

Ah yes. Time to go face hunter with reno.