Regular Korrak Dust Value?

I purchased the tavern pass for Alterac Valley and received the Diamond Korrak the Bloodrager Next, I went and disenchanted a regular Korrak the Bloodrager that I had opened from the packs assuming it should have had a full disenchant value after obtaining the Diamond version from the battle pass. Only afterwards did I notice that I only received the normal 400 dust. Is this a known issue? Typically the tavern pass legendary has been available for full dust refund (1600) for approximately the first week of the expansion.

This full dust refund typically has been in place for the tavern pass legendary if obtained during pack openings during a fireside gathering where it is available in the legendary pool. I’m just wondering if I am out 1200 dust due to not reading carefully.



I’ve had exactly the same problem and am hoping the full disenchant value will last for a couple of weeks and not just one day…

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Has this hot fix already been implemented or is it still coming?

Jaja the was live from 11/12 to 18/12, go quick or You Will Lost 1200 dust

I went to dust it but only 400 came up. I guess I missed the window, I hold on to it for now maybe they’ll give another grace period

Edit: what the heck nvm lol, I just went to look at it again and it says the full refund now :sunglasses: