22.0 Known Issues

Hello all, I’m once again writing to let you know of some issues we’re tracking with this patch:

  • There was a short delay launching today’s patch on desktop. The issue causing that delay has been resolved and the patch is now available on all devices.

  • (Resolved 12/1) Lady Anacondra will not lower nature spells in your hand to 0 if you play Celestial Alignment while she is already in play. Update: resolved in today’s hotfix.

  • Diablo appeared in some Battlegrounds lobbies even after he was supposed to be removed from the game. We believe we have now successfully banished him from the Battlegrounds.

  • (Resolved 12/1) A small number of players in EU servers had their Mercenaries season ended some hours early. The underlying issue was resolved to avoid this problem going forward. Affected players will be compensated at a later date. Update: The compensation for affected players has now been distributed.

  • (Partially Resolved 12/1) Loading into the final boss on the Level 21 Regular Felwood Mercenaries Bounty (“The Anointed Blades”) causes the game to get stuck while waiting for the fight to load and then remain stuck until the run times out and ends automatically. Update: In today’s hotfix, the team replaced an Ability that was causing most of the issues. There is an underlying issue that the team is still investigating, but we believe that replacing the Ability should prevent most crashes and players should no longer be locked out when met with this issue.

  • (Added 11/30) We are aware of an issue that sometimes caused a Vanessa VanCleef Card or Portrait to appear in Mercenaries Packs. Vanessa VanCleef is currently intended to not appear in packs for at least the length of the Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion (the base Card is in the Rewards Track and the Portraits can be obtained with the Tavern Pass). This is a visual issue only—you are actually receiving Vanessa VanCleef Coins.

  • (Resolved 12/1) One of the new Duels Passive Treasures, Glacial Downpour, is not working as intended. A fix has been entered for a hotfix planned for later this week. Update: resolved in today’s hotfix.

  • (Resolved 12/6) We are aware that the new rank displays tied to the Honor system and event block Duels and Arena win-loss records while in-game. The team has a solution that allows those records to be displayed alongside the Honor system displays. Resolved in today’s hotfix.

  • We are investigating reports that the Rogue portrait is being a little too Roguish and missing from some players’ “Hero picker” screens.

  • (Resolved 12/6) We are aware that in instances where you are awarded Fractured in Alterac Valley Packs, like at the end of a ranked season or Arena run, you can see a “Temp” art afterglow coming from the pack. Resolved in today’s hotfix.

  • (Resolved 12/7) There was an issue where people purchasing the Fractured in Alterac Valley Battlegrounds Perks were then blocked from purchasing the pre-purchase mega bundle (which includes the Battlegrounds Perks). We will be temporarily removing the Fractured in Alterac Valley Battlegrounds Perks from the store until the expansion goes live.

  • (Resolved 12/1) We are aware that some aspects of the “Honor” event went live with the Patch, instead of with the expansion as intended. The team is looking into the issue and exploring options about how to respond. Edit: Update on the Honor event. With today’s hotfix, the event will go live in full. (Battle For Alterac Valley Starting Early)

  • (Resolved 12/10) There is currently a bug where Drek’Thar/Vanndar does not count for collection Achievements if you claimed it in patch 21.8. We are working on a solution for this.

  • (Resolved 1/7) We are aware that Maestra is back to her old tricks–or lack of tricks?–and sometimes “disguising” herself as a Rogue. The team is investigating the issue. Update: We would like to share an apparent workaround for people still having issues with Maestra: go into your collection and mark a portrait as “favorite” for each of your classes. Players are reporting that has stopped their issues with Maestra sometimes still appearing as a Rogue. A more permanent solution is planned for an upcoming patch.

  • (Resolved 12/8) There is currently a bug reducing the intended experience gain in the Mercenaries mode. Update: The hotfix to this issue is rolling out today.

  • (Resolved 12/10) We are aware that the full refund period for Korrak the Bloodrager was unintentionally short. This was the result of a typo causing the period to be set to end on 12/8 instead of the intended 12/18. Update: This was resolved in today’s hotfix.

  • (Resolved 12/10) We are aware that the new Alterac Valley game board does not appear to be in rotation.

  • (Resolved 12/10) The team is aware that certain card interactions are slowed while Snowfall Graveyard is active.


12/1 Update: We are in the process of rolling out a hotfix that includes the following updates:

  • Begins the Battle for Alterac Valley Event!
  • Adds Goblins versus Gnomes to Duels card buckets
  • Fixes the Lady Anacondra/Celestial Alignment bug
  • Fixes the Glacial Downpour bug
  • Includes a mitigation for the Mercenaries Anointed Blades disconnect bug

The team is continuing to investigate and work on the other issues mentioned in this post.


12/6 Update: We are in the process of rolling out a client hotfix (meaning a new download for your device) that includes the following updates:

  • Updates the win/loss Arena and Duels U.I. so that players can again see their records during the Battle for Alterac Valley Honor event.
  • Removes the “Temp” image echo in claiming Alterac Valley packs; also adjusts particles behind the packs on the ranked rewards screen.
  • Adds a temporary solution to a bug that sometimes caused crashes when Zephrys was played. The temporary solution involves turning off some of Zephrys’s animations. We will continue to explore more permanent solutions and turn the animations back on once it is safe.

This hotfix is rolling out similar to a patch release cadence (we just released on PC, mobile is planned for approximately 1 p.m. Pacific).

For Google Play users who are having trouble seeing the hotfix, we have a suggested workaround: go to Google Play → open your profile icon in the top right → open “Manage apps & device” → select “Updates available” → select “Update All.”

Separately, we are also working on a server hotfix (no new download), with the target of releasing it later today; more details to come once it is ready.


12/6 Update 2: We are in the process of rolling out the server-side hotfix mentioned above. It includes the following updates:

  • Fixes bugs with Southsea Captain, Murloc Warleader, Scabbs Cutterbutter, and Ysiel Windsinger priority levels. Specifically, Southsea Captain and Murloc Warleader will now properly still apply their buffs after a card like Wave of Apathy reduces the attacks of your minions. Scabbs will now combine with Tenwu of the Red Smoke to make the bounced minion cost (0). Ysiel will now override cards like Celestial Ink Set.
  • Fixes a bug causing Dr. Boom, Mad Genius to crash the game for both players.
  • Speeds up Cheaty Snowbold’s animation speeds for launch.
  • Fixes a bug that showed some Mercenaries as having available tasks beyond Task 18.


12/8 Update: We are currently rolling out a hotfix that addresses the bug causing Mercenaries XP gains to be reduced. The hotfix also provides support to fix a recent issue that caused leaderboards to stop updating.


12/10 Update: We are in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix that includes the following updates:
• Fixes a bug with Pathmaker’s effect display in match history tiles.
• Fixes a bug where Pride Seeker’s effect did not persist after Celestial Alignment.
• Fixes a bug where Snowfall Graveyard was causing slow downs or crashes if active while certain animations are triggered.
• Fixes a bug where Maestra of the Masquerade doubled your Armor when you reveal yourself.
• Fixes a bug where Iceblood Tower could allow for the player to make a Discover choice at the end of their turn. The selection will now be automatic and random.
• Fixes a bug where Bloodsworn Mercenary caused crashes.
• Fixes a bug where the Alterac Valley game board was not appearing in games.
• Fixes a bug where Vanndar and Drek’Thar weren’t counting towards “Collect Legendary Alterac Valley” achievements.
• Resumes Korrak’s full refund period that was unintentionally cut short. The refund period will continue until December 18.
• Adjusts how Mercenaries ratings are calculated to generally award more rating for a win, but not lose more rating for a loss. The intent of this change is to make it so that more players can aspire to reach the top rating level (currently 12,000). We will continue to monitor ratings and make any further adjustments necessary in future updates.
• Adjusts Mercenaries product logic for “random Mercenary”-type products. Previously, if you bought a product of this type while already owning all Mercenaries within that category (such as “Random Epic Mercenary” product when you already had all Epic Mercenaries), you would receive Coins for a random selection from that category. Now, in those situations you will first receive a random missing Portrait from a Mercenary within that category and will only receive Coins if you also have all Portraits for all Mercenaries within that category.
• Increases Sky Admiral Rogers’s Firing Position damage (at Rank 5, damage increased from 20 to 25).
• Fixes a bug in Mercenaries where Mr. Smite’s Sharpened Scabbard was adding damage while Mr. Smite was on the bench.
• Fixes a bug in Mercenaries where Vanessa VanCleef’s Sifting Sachels would sometimes fail to add a Cooldown for what it copies.
• Fixes a bug in Mercenaries where Valeera would sometimes not receive her Speed buff while she has Stealth.
• Fixes a bug causing crashes in Mercenaries Fighting Pit games versus A.I. opponents.
• Fixes a bug where products that offer random Mercenaries Portraits would give Mercenary Coins instead of a Portrait if the Portrait randomly awarded would have been the last missing Portrait for that particular Mercenary.

On another note, the team has decided to extend the start-of-rewards-track refund logic to also apply to Vanndar and Drek’Thar. Although these cards do not meet the circumstances we normally use to apply refund logic, we have heard your feedback that an exception in this instance will make for a better play experience for many players. The decision to add this refund logic was finalized after this hotfix was put together, so the refund period has not been enabled yet. We will update our messaging once that refund period has started. After that refund period goes live, players who already disenchanted Drek’Thar or Vanndar will automatically receive additional dust to make up for not receiving full value.

12/20 Update:

Today, Patch 22.0.2 went live on all devices. The patch notes can be found here. With that patch, the full dust refunds are now live. However, we also noted that the dust awards for people who already dusted the normal versions of Drek’Thar or Vanndar were expected to go out today. They are now anticipated to go out tomorrow, instead.

We would also like to share an apparent workaround for people still having issues with Maestra: go into your collection and mark a portrait as “favorite” for each of your classes. Players are reporting that has stopped their issues with Maestra sometimes still appearing as a Rogue.


12/21 Update:

The refunds for people who disenchanted their regular Drek’Thar or Vanndar prior to the refund period have now been distributed. For everyone else, the full refund value is now live, as of yesterday’s patch.


1/3 Update:

Hello and happy new year, all! Over the break, we discovered an issue with the December 21 disbursement of dust refunds for people who dusted Vanndar before the dust refund period (Drek’Thar appears to have worked fine). That issue has now been resolved and those people have now gotten the disbursements that we meant to send them in December.


1/7 Update:

We are currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix to all regions that includes the following:

  • Fixes a bug that caused Maestra to not turn into another class if you did not have a favorited hero skin for that class (resulting in the Rogue being disguised as… a Rogue).
  • Fixes timings so that a Shadowcrafter Scabbs that gets a Coldarra Drake can no longer skip the enemy turn by repeatedly using their hero power.
  • Closes an exploit that players with hacked accounts were using to cheat in Mercenaries PvP.
  • Fixes a bug that allowed players to get uncraftable golden cards from various random drops. Compensation for players who received these unintended uncraftable cards will be provided at a later time.

Separately, we recently provided compensation for: players who purchased a Valeera Mercenaries bundle that was temporarily mistranslated in Russian and Chinese languages; and a small number of players who received Vanessa VanCleef Portraits through “random” products, instead of the rewards track as intended.

We will update this post when we have more information.


Ah, so many unfortunate souls have thought that they successfully banished Diablo…


after the update, it is impossible to log into the game from android


i had a freeze in mercenaries so i restart hearthstone.
Now it got stuck at you were reconectted to your game Resuming
I try reinstall the game
i have waited 20 minutes
but nothing help


When playing arena, the win-loss record no longer shows beneath the player’s name in the bottom left.

I’m having the same problem…

we STILL cannot get the Diablo Duelist achievement 3 patches after his release… Can we get any information on this issue? It is just quite bothering knowing it’s broken, live on servers for this long without any update.

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There is a planned fix for the Diablo Duels achievements, but it can’t be implemented before Diablo leaves this time. It will be implemented before Diablo’s return to Duels. One of our devs shared some more information about it on twitter:


Thank you for this, unfortunate but looking forward to seeing when Diablo returns to Duels (after leaving), hopefully with the last treasure!

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Problem solved.

  1. Log in to the game on your computer.
  2. Without leaving the game on your computer, log in to the game from your phone.
  3. Log in to the game again from your computer.
  4. Log in again from your phone (It should be enough).
  5. Repeat until it shows a reconnection error. Click ok and go to any old adventure, such as naxramas. Play the game (win or lose doesn’t matter) and there will be no more error.

But to devs please i se many post on this fix this

I’m having this same issue. I reinstalled the game, restarted computer, and ahve left the game running. Nothing works, just stuck on that screen.

  1. Log in to the game on your computer.
  2. Without leaving the game on your computer, log in to the game from your phone.
  3. Log in to the game again from your computer.
  4. Log in again from your phone (It should be enough).
  5. Repeat until it shows a reconnection error.

did you try the work around i posted it helped wioth me

I have the same problem…

This worked for me too

Hey. I opened 50 packages and receive 0 legendary merc. What wrong with you Blizzard?

Same here, this is really bothering :@

Haven’t been able to connect on Android all day

the game freezes in the mercenaries mode, after reconnecting writes: "reconnecting to your last game was successful. continuation of the game… ". that’s where it stops. not a single button in the game works. everything is hanging. threatens to lose the progress accumulated for today

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