Refund for Bru'kan

We get a refund for Blademaster, but not for Bru’kan?
That doesn’t seem right.
This especially affects me because i happened to open a golden Bru’kan and im sure other people probably did as well.

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Why would this be the case? Where did you hear this?

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In the collection Blademaster has the “This card has been recently modified” tag.

I would say that’s some kind of bug.

I found the post

Okay, I apologize for my confusion. I was mixing up Bru’kan and Mankirk.

Now, my question is, why would you get a refund for Bru’kan at all?

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Since we get a diamond Bru’kan from the rewards track.

I also might be getting some things confused but i don’t see how Blademaster and Bru’kan’s situations are different.

You can only obtain Diamond Bru’kan by collecting one of every Legendary card in Forged in the Barrens, so you have to have collected regular or golden Bru’kan first. It’s not the same as the Blademaster situation at all.


Oooh ok that explains it. I guess i misunderstood how they are aquired since they were both shown together so my monkey brain thought they were both got from the rewards track.

Thanks for clearing it up for me.

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It’s not unlike how I was confused at the beginning of this thread. Too many new things at once

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