QOL Suggestions in Mercs

A couple quality of life things I’d like to see for Mercs:

  • Allow us to open treasures at the end of each bounty with spacebar.
  • Combine the coin rewards into one reward splash screen. You often have to click like 5 times to accept/confirm everything.
  • You can remove the Confirm Upgrade splash screen after each time you select to upgrade a merc.
  • It’s unclear where we can further exchange our excess coins for renown after we did it once.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Like with packs, essentially…

Dunno about that… Maybe it’s an extra layer of safety to prevent accidental upgrades.

Um, same place?

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Sure, but after awhile it gets super repetitive. Maybe one time confirm? Like I don’t need to hit, yes Confirm, 30 times to fully upgrade a merc. Yes, it’s minor, but it’s repetitive.

I don’t see it under Campfire, Shop, nor Crafting.

I haven’t even noticed… Maybe you’re right, but I dunno. Besides, it’s not like you upgrade mercs that often…

On PC (Windows), you go to the Campfire, at the lower right corner (to the left of the game’s settings button) there’s a field with a green ‘plus’ icon, a number indicationg your total Renown and a Mercenaries icon. There’s also a tooltip about renown if you hover you pointer there. You click there, just like the first time, and convert your excess coins to renown if you will.

PS See the picture:

Actually, the game asks a confirmation for upgrading equipment, but not a skill, as I’ve noticed with Rattlegore. This is indeed very strange and inconsistent… And I don’t remember whether it has always been that way.

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Found it, thanks

It is inconsistent and really should just be removed.