Problem after patch

hi, after the patch the game crashes in the menu, it is probably related to what is happening with heartstone, namely the number of frames from the loading screen is about 12, I can’t operate the store anymore because it kicks me out almost immediately, I don’t even try to play the game because it will surely end up in immediate expulsion.

Before the update, the game was working smoothly, the problem appeared only today, other games work as they should, it is definitely related to the new patch, please advise what can I do to fix the current state of affairs and be able to play :slight_smile:


EDIT: yes, I see that the forum and support have been lively in recent days and a lot of help has arrived (joke, no offense)
Problem fixed by restarting the computer although even after that HS had a lot of performance problems but it adjusted after another one more reboot, it came in handy, last time it was disabled from 3 weeks ago :smiley:

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