Prepare to dive into the Throne of the Tides Mini-Set!

Prepare to dive into the Throne of the Tides Mini-Set!

Fight for the Throne of the Tides in Hearthstone’s all new, 35-card Mini-Set!

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And here I was started to get worry about Ozumat not making his appearance in this expansion. Now I can rest easily and crafted a golden version of him.

lets go, Roffle getting the epic “live creator recap”

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My card review:

1 mana 2/4 Elemental
After this minion takes exactlt one damage, destroy it (pop!)
1 star
A 1 mana 2/1, unless you can give it divine shield. Even with divine shield, Paladin had the mech with divine shield that also handbuffs, with the only downside of it being 1 less attack.

3 mana 3/3 Beast
Battlecry: Give all Battlecry minions in your deck +1/+1.
4 stars
Battlecry minions are run a lot in decks. By playing Snapdragon, not only are you getting decent stats for the cost, but you are also buffing most minions that you are going to play later in the game. In wild, Shaman will love this card. Most battlecry decks are aggro, which will appreciate extra stats greatly.

Coilfang Constrictor
4 mana 5/4 Beast
Battlecry: Look at 3 cards in your opponent’s hand and choose one. It can’t be played next turn.
5 stars
5/4 are good, aggressive stats for the cost. Aggro will be helped by being able to disable AoE, Midrange can get rid of aggressive minions, and Control can get rid of big minions.

Neptulon the Tidehunter
10 mana 7/7 Elemental
Colossal +2 (4/2 hands that are immune while attacking)
Rush, Windfury. Whenever Neptulon attacks, if you control any hands, they attack instead.
5 stars
Amazing card, but really expensive at 10 mana. He can attack immediately, giving you an immediate 8 damage to two minions. It also leaves good board presence, and even if you remove the hands, you still have to deal with a 7/7 with Windfury. More damage per turn than Raid Boss Onyxia, but can’t clear an entire board like she can.

8 mana 6/5 Beast
Colossal +6 (1/3 textless tentacles)
Deathrattle: For each of Ozumat’s tentacles, destroy a random enemy minion.
1 star
Ozumat is pretty much a delayed 8 mana board clear, so he is already worse than twisting nether. Not only that, but he also fills your board with useless 1/3 tentacles that do nothing. So, all your opponent has to do to stop the board clear is do 3 damage to your whole board. Twisting Nether already is too slow to work as an effective board clear, and Ozumat costs the same amount of mana and delays the clear!


I am hyped for the miniset rogue just needs draw and im happy :slight_smile:

No, rogue can’t just draw the entire deck every exp, chill


Doing a Blog Post for the mini-set, but not mentioning the “Big Update” Mercs is supposed to be getting on any official channel feels really crappy.

Why talk up how your going to give Mercs it’s own standalone pack then remove all hype for it? Would it really have killed you to put a blog post out?


Yeah the whole mercs experience has been really really lame.

Never nerfing is lame. Excess coins are lame. Supposed big announcements are lame. Power creep mercs are lame. Focus on end game pve is lame.

Its all just sooooo lame.


“Things are on fire everywhere…what do we do?”

(attende 1)

“Maybe address the community concerns, try to make things right, offer some compensation as an act of goodwill?”

(turns to minutes taker)

“Have security escort this ‘person’ from the premises. Burn their employee file, and delete all reference they were ever a part of this company. Fired for insubordination if called for refrence.”

(attendee 2)

“What about launching the new mini set? Same jacked up price for gold, no way but giving us more money…and we keep ignoring the dumpster fire and we ride this thing alll the down like slim pickens in dr strangelove?”


(op is posted an hour later)

My issue is the consistently poor communication despite promises of doing better. We were told X.4 would be Mercs patches and that they had big things planned. Then they put out a post saying 22.4 launches next Thursday with the mini-set saying ZILCH about Mercs on any official channel. Unless you’re in the know and you follow specific employees’ personal twitters you’d never know anything big for Mercs was incoming on the patch notes drop Tuesday.

Not even doing a Blog Post about it is such a weak communication effort, not putting and details on official channels is just icing on the cake. “Well putting it to 22.4 didn’t give us a lot of time” You guys are the ones who picked this patch to be the Mercs patch, if it wasn’t enough time to get it done and pump out a simple blog post, that’s on you.

Stop saying you’re gonna communicate better and try ACTUALLY communicating better.


That particular lie goes back years, and it’s one they trot out whenever they want to make people who are new or haven’t been around forever think things are going to get better. In fact, ALL their dev teams use it!

Like an election year promise. It means nothing.

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so Q&A doesnt count…as communication? your defintiion of the word must be a bit different

Let’s take right on schedule misdirection for $500, alex.

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I’d assume they know they just get attacked for poor design so they cut on communication, or they can’t afford to have CM.
You guys getting paid here to look like players should perhaps take a pay cut so we can get more blue posts.


Am I the only one who prefers to get real HS updates rather than useless mercenaries updates?


I agree most of your opinions,like I think Ozumat is too slow and not effective.I also agree that coilfang constrictor worth 5 stars ; however, I think that none of them are really useful in decks except coilfang constrictor. Take snapdragon for example. The effect could be powerful but not useful.It is hard to be put in much decks, even in shaman decks. There isn’t any great tempo for Frost Shaman (I think the strongest shaman deck with lots of battlecry minions) because you need to control the board or draw cards on the third turn or the fourth turn.On the fifth and sixth turn, some battlecry cards are already in hand.Furthermore, +1/+1 is not needed for battlecry cards because the most important part cards of battlecry cards are the effect, not the stats in at least half of all decks. If the battlecry cards create stats, it would not be stronger for the +1/+1. Or use Neptulon as another example. It would be easy to clear big minions or minions with divine shields. But on the other hand, it could be easily cleared with spells or minions on boards, unlike Onyxia, which can not be easily cleared with minions or spells. But all of all, I think you opinion is brilliant.

I’ll also make a commentary of the new warrior and warlock cards that revealed.

Igneous Lavagorger
4/3/5 Elemental
Battlecry: Dredge.Gain Armor equal to its Cost.
4 stars
It can be put in Kazakusan Warrior because it can dredge cards that are under the depth. The contradictory part is that when it dredges the cards that are under the depth , it gets less armor.

Tidal Revenant
8/5/8 Elemental
Battlecry: Deal 5 damage. Gain 8 Armor.
1 star
5 damage to 1 enemy and 8 armor doesn’t cost 8 mana. And the stats are very low.

Clash of the Colossals
3-cost spell
Add a random Colossal minion to both players’ hand. Yours cost (2) less.
1 star
Wish everyone who plays this card gets a good colossal card.

Herald of Shadows
3/4/2 Naga
If you’ve cast a Shadow spell while holding this,steal 2 Health from a minion.
4 star
It is easy for Warlocks to play shadow spells.A 3/4/4 minion is a good stats and it can clear small minions, too.

Commander Ulthok
Battlecry: Your opponent’s cards costs Health instead of Mana next turn.
5 star
This card will make enemy with low health hard to play high cost card. It also has great stats. It is suitable for Abyssal Curse Warlock.

Light every card in the opponent’s hand on fire. In 3 turns, any still in hand are destroyed.
4 stars
Lots of decks, such as OTK decks or decks with high cost cards will be countered by this card.
In conclusion, Warriors are actually nurfed and Warlocks are buffed.

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Well control games were fun while they lasted, like previous exp ,say hello to a aggro meta.
thank god WOTLK classic soon is out so we can shift focus to a game worth playing.

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Okay, I do see some flaws in this card now, although it would be at least 3 stars still I think. Even though Battlecry Shaman doesn’t worry about attack too much, a buff to every minion in your deck is always useful at least a little, as we saw with Keleseth.
The rest of the Warlock/Warrior cards I agree with, I think Ulthok is a little underrated by Zeddy and other card reviewers.

Boreas can always be counted on to stick up for Blizzard no matter what they do.

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