Please make a Standard Unranked mode

When people are climbing Ranked, they experience stress and anxiety, same as in most ranked PvP games of any sort.

I was hoping to suggest that a mode be made that’s the same as Ranked, using the player’s collection and player-made decks that require the collection, except there’s no rank in this mode. This would be different from Casual because it would make the player’s collection meaningful, but allow for a more relaxed environment when people don’t feel like competing.

This mode exists in Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, in the context of how those games are played, and I think it would be welcomed in Hearthstone by people who want a break from the pressure of climbing.

This mode should still allow the accumulation of points towards Dailies and Weeklies in the Tavern Pass.

Thank you for reading my suggestion.

i mean technically, casual is utilizing a player’s meaningful collection because it is open to all cards in one’s collection the way wild is … however, i would totally be open to the idea of a casual version of whatever ranked modes exist or will exist in the future for the purpose of just messing around or playing a “less stressful” version of the game

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If you are having actual anxiety over ranking up then you should not play Ranked at all.

And that’s coming from a place of concern, not discrimination.

Also can you go into detail why Casual isn’t good enough for this matter … am a bit confused by your statement

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Many people don’t realize it because the UI doesn’t make it obvious, but there are already different Casual formats. Whatever format your deck is when you go in, you’ll be matched with opponents using decks of the same format as you.


i haven’t done it in a while but i’m fairly certain i’ve matched with wild stuff using a standard deck inside of casual mode before

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If you play wild ranked, then play a standard deck in casual it will play it in wild mode.

Go to standard ranked, cancel before you play a game and then It will default to standard casual.

OP I am also unsure what the difference is between standard unranked and casual.

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Wow, I have to say thank you, and boy am I dumb. When they changed the UI god knows how long ago, I never even realized there was a casual mode anymore. I’m not sure if casual will be less toxic than ranked, but I’m off to give it a go. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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