Please at least have one playable set for each profession

After the Wizban version started, there was no possibility of progress in Diamond 5. I have been playing it for several days.
Even after nerfing Paladin, the experience is still terrible.

I play wild and I also get stuck at Diamond 5. Yeah i can get to diamond 2 but then usually go on a horrible losing streak back to diamond 5. So you’re not alone, I don’t necessarily blame the game at not having enough playable decks. I’m just stubborn in decks i like playing. If I wanted to to reach legendary i could, but i have a soul and refuse to play the one turn kill, or Reno decks needed to reach legendary.

Whats wrong to use a highlander deck in wild, there are more much broken things…
I hope you dont get to legend this month…

The question is a choice between exploring your own fun and having fun with existing rules. Maybe bread can instantly satisfy your hunger, but it seems that real food can make you feel happy.

i find fun in playing interesting archetypes and different classes. at least in standard variety is non existent. play the 3 top decks or lose. boring as f