Plea to Blizzard to include Contraband Stash in Core Set

Hi there, I am an avid Thief Rogue that saw the new cards revealed and noticed how Tess is staying in but CS looks to not be.

Burgle is all I play anymore. I love the underdog story and ‘putting together a team’ of cards I can high-value recast. It never has been very strong (not counting the Gnoll) but it’s always enjoyable.

If you agree with this, please tell us your experience and how you would like to see Contraband Stash as well as other burgle tools remain in standard.

They aren’t going to change the upcoming core set at this point, but they did say that they could make it more dynamic this year, so it’s possible (but still unlikely, I think) that they’ll bring Contraband Stash back. I agree it’s a fun card and mechanic. Hopefully the deck can still work enough to be enjoyable with just Tess and Shadowstep.

What is “underdog” about burgle rogue? It has been played like crazy in Standard…(I will admit to hating the current net deck due to frequent high rolls by opponents).