Plauge deathknight

Playing against a plauge death knight is the most unfunny thing in the world. It’s a tier 1-2 deck since the beggining and every second enemy are playing that sh*tty deck. Why blizzard don’t do anything against it? For example a nerf? Oh wait, finaly somebody plays that unnecesary cast what they made just because they can ballance the game soo good that they needed a new cast…

The win rate is not very high, especially against rainbow dk. Even Highlander decks can win it.

The problem is that HS leans heavily into rock/paper/scissors. When you are paper against scissors, yeah scissors feels OP. But then scissors goes against rock and it loses. This is simply the way the game has leaned (heavily) into doing things. Either gotta accept it, or stop playing/find another game. I mean you can complain about it too, but it isn’t going to change. It will always be something.

Leans heavily compared to what? I agree that Hearthstone is very paper rock scissors but… it’s a collectible card game. That just comes with the genre. If any deck gets too big and people can build a counter deck, then they will, even if it’s kinda narrow and has bad matchups elsewhere. That’s not really a situation that you can design out of.

At least you realize that it ain’t changing. Because it can’t.

It can, but it would be too much work/effort and therefore money they don’t even know if they’ll get back. There can be many more than rock paper scissors even in CCGs but they would rather take the laziest path of least resistance and therefore most profit.

Bruh, just add Steam Cleaner to your decks :slight_smile:

That’s why I’m waiting for the rotation. This card makes Reno decks almost uncounterable.

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bruh, you aren’t the smartest one are you?