Performance Update - December 16

We’re currently putting out an update with various performance improvements for Hearthstone (especially for Battlegrounds). This update is live on desktop today, with the mobile update rolling out tomorrow.

As a side note, balance changes are still coming later this week. Stay tuned!


where note patch where buff where nerf

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Figured the balance patch would be towards the end of the week. Should do something about these insane aggro decks too. They already expect the nerfs. This meta went from exciting to depressing quickly.


I appreciate the update, but it would be nice if the patch notes were listed under the official patch notes accessible via the Blizzard app. It’s inconsiderate to expect the players to come here and search the forums for information on the updates, and there’s still no information on what changes were made in today’s update.


And the update includes…what?

For example - (in Battlegrounds) Did you guys make Bob not be as annoying to hear (or squelchable), kill the timer sound, fix the Tier Card Draw system, separate combat and recruit timers, better off-set poison, etc…?

Barkeep Bob mutable (in dungeun runs) would be great. He is uber-distracting.
When I am trying to do stuff in the tavern, he won’t SHUT UP.


Good, it will be nice to be able to play decks other than murlocs in battlegrounds and have a little better than a snowballs chance in hell of winning.