Opponent highlighting hero portrait during match

Is this a form of BM when an opponent leaves their cursor on your hero portrait during your turn? Noticed this going on for a while.

I suppose if one is really sensitive and looking for a reason to be mad, sure.


Actually there is still an (afaik) unfixed bug where people can disconnect you as the turn ends with targeting effect cards if they use them right as the timer ends. The more cards they do this with, the higher the chance, INCLUDING attacks. This has been around for years but its either hard to fix or they are just not willing to commit the resources…

Even if you don’t get a DC, it cuts into your turn timer due to animations so it is a popular trolling method.

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I don’t think its sensitive at all. This game and gaming in general is rife with toxic players and communities. Have you been living under a rock? Everything in this game that can be used is used for BM’ing from spam emoting, roping, waiting until the last second to do an obvious lethal play that can take 2 seconds to do. So the person on the receiving end is the one at fault from your perspective? The devs even replaced one of the emotes years ago because it was too toxic so are the dev’s too sensitive now?

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In what way would this be offensive or bad mannering? Your hero lights up and that somehow triggers you? Does your opponent running their cursor through their cards back and forth also trigger you? I barely understand people coming here to complain about spammed emotes when you can squelch. A light bothering people is just laughable. Sorry.


Ppl who abuse that bug should be permabanned from the game. Disgusting DBs.

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Don’t be sorry. Just make yourself disappear from this forum.

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Don’t come to the forum and ask a question then be salty about the response. Next time try just posting an opinion and be sure to let everyone know you only want comments from people who agree with you.


How dare they put a cursor over your portrait and make it glow around the edges!

What kind of toxic, abusive human being would commit such a disgusting, horrible act upon another person?

Ban them!!! Take away their mouse!!! Highlights!!! Arghhhhh!!! Stop the insanity!!! Lock them up!!!

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Take a break from the forums buddy, you need it.

Anyone can disagree, but its a matter of not revealing to everyone your personal issues and attacking others for asking a question you don’t like. You were a d*** from the get-go and had to twist a simple question in the OP into something that turned it back to attack me. You thrive on being a low life to others on the internet and provoking a reaction, a sign of a real loser.

I haven’t seen that before, another low life forum poster resorting to hyperbole and over the top sarcasm??? You don’t say!

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wow, i can understand people hating those toxic rejects that emote just to dig at you, but highlighting your portrait, come on guy that’s a bit too sensitive. You could sticky tape a piece of cardboard over both portraits so you can’t see them hovering over it, not being funny by that, if it really makes you overthink it and it effects you, just DIY the screen

It was literally just a question if this was a thing in this community of nerds and social rejects.


not sure that bug is real that guy been lying all over the forums more than once

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You came here and posted your frustration only to show you just can’t handle a lot of social interaction. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising given the fact a red light bothers you so much.

I’m sorry it bothers you. There isn’t to my knowledge any general accepted BM from this “behavior”.

Oh the sweet, sweet irony.

You couldn’t be more wrong. Please point out where I “cant handle social interaction” (and define whatever you think that means) especially where I didn’t respond in kind to someone attempting to be snarky and rude in the first place - I don’t owe that type of person a sincere post.

What about my first post or even second post where I defend my point shows “I can’t handle social interaction” before a rude person decided to chime in? I simply defended my point in as logical and non-personal manner.

As for my third and fourth posts, sure I am responding to someone who came into this thread and began with a snarky attitude of a post and then doubled up on it when they became even more upset when I suggested they should get off the forum since they “can’t handle social interaction”. It’s one thing to disagree with someone, its another to disagree with a rude undertone to it. That person unfortunately chose the latter.

I don’t owe these types of people kindness or generosity when they come in a thread with a provocative tone towards others. I don’t owe you any better at this point for misinterpreting who started the toxic posting in the first place and instead placed the blame on me for defending myself.

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You are a rude person.

I can when I have to be. I hope it stings for you losers. No one came here with good intentions so I have to meet fire with fire.

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Trolling web forums is an unhealthy hobby. It really is not good for you. You may feel like you’re having fun, but it will seriously hurt you in the long run. Your internet persona will spill into your “real world” life, and if people don’t already dislike you, they will begin to. You really don’t want to be the kind of person you’re acting like.

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You can look at my post history on all the different games for Blizzard and I do not troll at all. It’s always others attempting to misinterpret and twist things to make it personal and get a rise out of someone. Seriously, look at my post history for diablo 2 or 3. I really do not troll but I will not tolerate being trolled. I’ve been on the forums and have seen a lot of rude people over many years so I know what the types of people are on here.

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