Not able to connect to hs for 2 days


Every time i try to go on Hs phone or pc it always says playful sprites have disrupted whatever and i have to wait for an endless message to go away. Still haven’t gotten on, or it’ll say say closed straight up.


Hey Trickey,

Is this happening on both mobile data and wifi? Or are you able to try switching between them to see if it persists on one but not the other?

You may need to submit a ticket so we can look at the account if it continues to happen on a different connection.


Yes this is happening with or without mobile data, and also on pc with wifi. I’ve uninstalled and re installed does nothing so idk.



If it happens regardless of platform/connection, try putting in a ticket. If you want to talk to someone about this live, we have live chats and phone callbacks available there. We will probably need to log into your account in support to check to see if we get the same issue. We don’t need any of your login information to do this, we just need you to contact us to look for account problems. Feel free to link to this thread and let them know what troubleshooting you’ve already done, to save you some time.

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