No Golden Coin - Gold Demon Hunter Deck

Hey, Idk if I’m running into a bug, but I built a full golden deck, but when I queue for a match, I’m not given the golden coin like I usually do with other decks. Anyone know what’s the deal or why it’s not happening?

Golden Deck Image i imgur com/nGg6nU5.png

Gold Coin Missing i imgur com/3fz76YU.png

![Golden Fel Spell DH|

Fel Spell DH

Class: Demon Hunter

Format: Wild

1x (1) Illidan’s Gift

2x (1) Illidari Studies

2x (1) Relic of Extinction

2x (1) Taste of Chaos

2x (2) Fel Barrage

2x (2) Mark of Scorn

2x (2) Relic Vault

2x (2) Spectral Sight

2x (3) Relic of Phantasms

2x (4) Fan the Hammer

2x (4) Fel’dorei Warband

1x (4) Souleater’s Scythe

2x (5) Deal with a Devil

1x (5) Jotun, the Eternal

2x (5) Relic of Dimensions

1x (6) Kurtrus, Demon-Render

1x (8) Artificer Xy’mox

1x (8) Jace Darkweaver

“Relic of Dimensions” is the problem.

Look at the image or your deck. Only the “left side” of the card is golden. Which means you own a standard version and a golden version of that card and both are in your deck.

You need to put 2 golden “Relic of Dimensions” cards in your deck to male it fully golden and to recieve the golden coin.

Baller, glad you noticed. TYSM