New wizbang event rewards?

meh, kinda boring blizz. anyone else feel this about the new “WB event”?

I’m never feeling free packs boring

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Maybe its the Warlock avatar – they should of let you choose between all classes.

The challenges are all bugged so I literally don’t care. And it’s not a battlegrounds skin so I really dgaf

Other than the Jepeto one, which ones are also bugged ?
Because I completed the 4 first ones (including the random daily) without problem

No one plays homebrew decks, full rigged p2w event with no fun, they should be fired :triumph::triumph::triumph:

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Pretty sure I assumed the others were bugged because I got “play 3 taunt minions” for 3 days in a row and it didn’t make any sense

they never did fix this so we could progress… it ends in a day and cant be completed because the main quest line is bugged… unless you payed for the bundle…

Agreed the bobblehead skin wasn’t worth anything. I may be a tad greedy here but whose the free legendary they gave for the expansion? You know like Blademaster Okani and Flightmaster Dungar?
Cause Ina AIN’T IT for me