New Uther Potrait Scam Warning

NO new voice lines
NO new Hero power animation
Literally a new picture with a half assed voice filter slapped on

Multi Million Dollar company I’ve been supporting since 1993…

Chinese Mobile Game quality bravo. Get your shiit together Activision


They’re apparently fixing it.

Also, I don’t know that a free legendary and 25 packs from the latest expansion can be called a scam, but maybe that’s just me.


You could maybe call it a scam if it was just a portrait, but getting a bunch of packs and a legendary along with it?

It’s an odd portrait even if you ignore the voice lines or lack thereof. Paladin isn’t known for demons. Reborn isn’t very powerful for paladin either. It’s a bit like a cute cheerful warlock, but Nemsy is a far different hero from Gul’dan.


It’s a take on uther of the ebon blade and the 4 horsemen from back in ungoro. But I rather dislike the way the portrait turned out. The color scheme and overall appearance is just… meh. It feels very rushed even for an obvious cash grab.

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I think u mean kft expansion .

Seriously? You’re paying 25 for the packs and the Legendary. The portrait is just a throwaway bonus. If you pay 25 bucks for just a Hero Portrait then yeah it would seem skimpy … but since that’s not what this bundle is really about then complaining about the specifics of the throwaway piffle bonus is kind of silly.


It’s not free, it’s 25$…


The hero skin alone is norm that price or close to it so if buying that the packs and LEGO are free. Can’t really complain about the lesser hero akin when that much is tossed in free.

If wanting the packs and LEGO the hero skin was the free throw in. Can’t really complain about the hero when it is free.

If wanting both there both well below there normal costs as such can’t complain about the hero when it’s significantly below cost of other hero’s so would be expected to be worse if it’s not a great bonus thou.

In none of those three is the hero 25 dollars as you claim. The hero is always sub 25 dollars as it’s a hero with other toss in regardless of what you where aiming for so far lesser cost than any other paid hero skin added given the value of the packs and LEGO.

This is esp true after a statment that there is voice lines comming for it has already happened.

You’re not wrong, but you’re not right either…

Calling the “bait” a “throwaway bonus” admits that the whole thing is a sham…

They are advertising the PORTRAIT… it’s very clear…

So clear, in fact, I thought it was just another “Schoolgirl Jaina” portrait, until I looked closer and saw the price, THEN noticed the packs, THEN noticed the legendary…

So, their advertising drew my attention to the PORTRAIT 1st, then the rest…

If the packs plus legendary were the real draw (which they end up being the only real true value, as you stated), then they would advertise the “Dollar a pack plus legendary!” THEN a “free portrait”.

That’s not how it was presented.


People asked for more cosmetics, with the base assumption that they’d be in line with the kind we’ve been getting for years.

Turning around and releasing them with “throwaway piffle bonus” levels of effort warrants plenty of complaining from anyone who is rightfully disappointed by this low-effort content.

Simply releasing a dollar-per-pack bundle doesn’t mean low effort, half-rumped content is acceptable.


Well, there’s no denying that Uther’s portrait is rather prominently displayed on the bundle. :slight_smile: It’s obviously the ‘hook’. The value comes from the packs though. I have a hard time imagining anyone paying 25 bucks for just a hero portrait.

The shiny wrapper on a candy bar may be what draws a person’s attention, but they aren’t paying 50 cents to get the wrapper. They’re paying 50 cents for the candy bar. The Uther portrait is a candy wrapper and the packs are the candy. So it’s kind of odd to see people whining about the wrapper not being fancy enough even when the candy was just fine.

Turning around and releasing them with “throwaway piffle bonus” levels of effort warrants plenty of complaining from anyone who is rightfully disappointed by this low-effort content.

The Uther portrait looks cool. The voice lines are lackluster (and that’s being kind). A source for valid criticism to be sure but perspective.

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I got the deal, disappointing new hero portrait to say the least. Free Legendary my %!%!%! opened 25 packs and it was complete garbage, the legendary was garbage and didn’t get one in my 25 packs. Its digital, they said they fixed getting multiples of the same card, I got several packs with duplicates cards in them. I got 1 card I actually needed.

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that is really silly to see such a pretty cool uther with the original normal voicelines lol.
i would never allow this to be released after the previous flop of nerd jaina.

The perspective is that good pack bundles don’t excuse lackluster development of other long-sought portions of the game.

and they already told us they are going to change them

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It’s normal, 25 packs don’t grant a legendary. If the free one was garbage, well, that’s subjective; you just got unlucky
(I’m curious, what is the legendary? hunter poison guy?)

Commons and rares will still coming out even if you already have all of them. Same for epics and legendaries, even if at that point it becomes pointless to keep opening packs

When I look at a bundle, I personally don’t care about the packs or the legendary. The entire point is getting the cosmetic portrait. The packs and legendary are just a bonus, but again it’s a pretty boring aspect because on any given day I can spend gold on a pack. The packs and legendary also don’t really matter if I don’t receive anything I was interested in.

If the effort put in on the portrait is lackluster, essentially the whole bundle is lackluster in my opinion.


Slightly unrelated but more related to the big picture, if Blizzard can’t even be bothered to continue providing the bare minimum quality required for a cosmetic portrait in their digital card game, it’s no wonder we haven’t seen any new games the likes of a Wacraft 4, or Starcraft 3, or a WoW 2, or World of Diablo (WoW Shadowlands kek), or World of Starcraft.

I kind of like that tho, I feel like a lot of games miss out on a lot of money because they’re too conservative with their cosmetics, I would love to see some more out there portraits

Can we get guldan in a tiara please?