New reno card is plain stupid

as a hero card, there is no counter. no dirty rat. no secret. no forced spell cast. no blademaster. nothing. and when druid can ramp so fast, even cutting their mana for a turn or two is meaningless.

maybe - maybe - mill decks or a lucky gnomeferatu or theotar. but this card is stupid.

“oh look, you just posted the counter”. lol mmhmm…

You spend turn after turn setting up a board that just disappears with no penalty to the player playing the card.

just another reason why i spend no money on this game.


This is another reason you don’t spend money on the game ? One card ?

Dude , you should not spend money on this game because is garbage, period.


Yeah the devs are trash and continue to insist on making uncounterable garbage designed cards

As if every class needed more board removal. We all though yogg was bad now every class has access to 2 board clears :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

The devs need to be fired and a new team needs to be brought in. Class philosophy needs to be re established across the game with what each class should and shouldnt be able to do.

Right now every class can do everything but some do it better than others. This just creates a very 1 sided game where only a handful of things are good. Rather than each class having strengths and weakness which automatically means no 1 class is better at everything than another

Why does every class need mana cheat? Mana manipulation used yo be unique to druid. Now every class has access to massive hand and deck discounts whenever they need

Why does every class need single/board removal? Remember when classes like paladin and hunter had weak removal tools?

Hunters weakness was always that they were an aggro class with no removal. Now hunter can make an entire deck out of just removal spells.

Paladin used to have to rely on buffs and debuffs to manipulate the board. Now it has a card that buffs a minion and wipes the entire board as a bonus.

Both now have access to board clears cus of yogg and now reno too

Remember when warrior was a class based around control? And now 1 snake can beat it single handed.

The dev team needs new people cus the current devs have 0 clue which direction to take classes in. That much was clear by how long it took for warrior to even be playable. They are just making cards that have 0 class synergy and break the core fundamentals of the game


There is a counter though and its neutral and doesn’t require luck.

Snake Oil Seller
Deathrattle: Shuffle 2 Tradeable snake oils into your opponents deck


Also this card needs to have a deck with no duplicates to be an effective removal…the hero power most of the times is a down side , depending on what your deck is build around. I mean , 2 damage draw a card most of times is a downfall.


its a 4 mana 4/5 deathrattle, do you know how hard it is to kill a 4/5 on purpose, the opponent isnt going to kill it, theyre not going to kill it, it doesnt trade up, so its not dying until turn 6. that doesnt even get into the fact that snake oil is a good card, because you can dump them out of your hand for free and non highlanders can just trade it. albatross is a better card because its 3 mana 4/3, aggressive stats, low hp and two 1 mana 1/1s are way worse cards to dump


Ahh yes. Play a trash card in your deck to counter 1 card in the opponents. Very healthy game design.

When you are having to compromise your deck just to deal with broken cards, that other deck has already won.

This is why tech cards were garbage until they had tradeable. No one was willing to sacrifice a slot in deck and thus a card draw for a card that is only useful in a small % of matches. When you are having to nerf your own deck just to provide an answer to a card that is bad game design

How about instead of forcing other people to run useless cards, they fix the 1 card that is the problem?

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Teothar or thief priest with arvester of envy. Only viable counters

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and if you are running the reno deck, you are probably running the counter to that counter, or any other deck that puts stuff into your deck steamcleaner.

I know at least one counter, because it was used on me. If you shuffle plagues into your opponent’s deck, and the same plague gets shuffled into his or her deck twice or more, that counts as more-than-one of the same card in the player’s deck. While Reno will still overlay the player’s chosen Hero skin, and while the bullet ability keeps shuffling, the removal of the opponent’s board does not occur.

I lost a game because of this. The opponent had a board full of nasty minions, I was counting on my Reno to save my sorry expletive, but nope, the minions remained.

I have to say as a disclaimer that this may possibly be a bug. I had played Anachronos, and played Reno the turn when the enemy minions had just come back. So, there may be a bug associated with playing Reno your round just after the enemy minions return after being banished by Anachronos.

I hope this helps a bit.

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The new Reno card was needed to counter Warlocks…now Warlocks are even more broken because of treasures. the Snake mana nerf does nothing, it’s total RNG to counter it once let alone multiple times? Snake is the most broken card I’ve ever seen.

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I don’t think Reno is bad. He clears board by sacrificing duplicates in your deck, on top of that, his ability is pretty weak. Run ETC and have snake oil, duke, and what ever else in your deck. I played against Reno’s and don’t really have an issue. Play death knight if that helps.

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Really…complaining about board removals?

Fine. Take away them but then also take away aggro decks tools to repopulate their board constantly.

Just look at the meta right now:

Pure paladin: build board and next turn buff them before kill. Do control decks need removal for that? Nah, they can go play another game.

Totem shaman plays the same.

Aggro Druid: Buff crystal dragon(name?) and load the board with 7 7/8’s. Do we need removal for that. Nah, play aggro, control can go play another game.

Treant Druid, do the same with treants. On turn 6. Do we…Nope, play another game.

Naga Dh: not really aggro but a combo that can really take off around turn 5-6. Answer to that? Aggro is the name of the game.

Dk’s? Spawn as many mobs as you can before the big finish…a full board with rush!

Control asked for Nerf for Snake warlock. Blizzard answered: here, it cost a bit more so you get one turn longer to aggro them down.

It’s aggro, aggro, aggro.

Nope, if anything, control decks need better early removal, but anytime we get that it gets nerfed.


Yes because not all classes were designed to have board clear. Providing neutral board clear removes a weakness from certain classes

Unsure if you know this but back in the day each class was designed to have things they could and couldnt do. Not all classes had board clears for game wide balance reasons

Classes like paladin and hunter were not privy to board clears and that was how they were balanced. This current dev team clearly didnt get the memo and are just handing out every mechanic to every class and then wonder why only 2-3 classes are strong

Hint: if all classes have the same tools, whichever classes have the strongest of those tools will just come out on top, no debate. If every class has strengths and weaknesses, no one class is the best at everything and thus you create a variety of decks that can work

Yes but paladin has the +2/2 deal that minions damage to the enemy board. Meaning even if you build a defence as a control deck against the paladin

They buff their minion, wipe your defence and kill you. And as i said above, paladin was one of the classes that was not allowed cards like that before. Paladin only used to have access to debuff cards as forms of removal so they could weaken your defence but not entirely remove it. Again, the dev team are clueless and is an example of giving a class too many tools to the point they have no weakness.

Board removals arent a problem. All classes having access to board removal is a problem. Only classes like warrior/warlock/priest, ie. Control classes, should have access to those types of cards. Aggro decks like paladin, hunter, DH etc. should not as it means they always have an answer to anything.


All classes may have access to Reno, but it’s extremely unlikely to be played in more than 5 of them right now.

This was certainly true when the game was released, but the game has since moved on from this design. They rotate the core set as well, so it’s not like the classes are stuck with an outdated list of cards that were designed with an alternate purpose. 5 classes having access to Reno just isn’t a problem. You can certainly argue that like the snake, it’s a “feels bad” card.

While this card hitting the board will in fact be the winning play against aggressive decks occasionally, it’s inclusion in a deck doesn’t guarantee anything at all. For example, back in the day aggressive Hunter decks would run the hero card Deathstalker Rexxar. If they failed to kill control decks with early damage, they could simply fall back on this card (which was anything but an aggressive card itself) to win the game. There were countless threads complaining about it as well. Reno is just a strong play.

To be clear, I greatly preferred the old design. The classes all had weaknesses and removing them was a problem. In some cases they even turned them into strengths, which just does wonders for balance :sob: . These days a lot of players will pick a class and hold onto them for dear life. So they design the classes to be able to do everything.

Get enough players to boohoo and cry about it and Activision will nerf it like they did the snake. Get those tears flowing, players!!!

I agree. Reno was a stupid card design. Classes no longer have unique defense options. Now every class plays the same stupid cards. Hardly any variety anymore. Everyone is forced to play the same deck style.

Its a stupid card designed by biased developers to enable their favorite classes to have good control/late game decks. I hope microsoft cleans house and replaces them so this game actually has a chance of improving especially in standard mode instead of relying on modes like battlegrounds to keep the game alive.

Actually you can steal Reno with Theotar. That’s a counter and also you can play plague dk and throw plague cards into his deck to shut off Reno’s battle cry effect.

yea, because you can’t just discover copies of cards or anything.