New card packs won’t reveal game unresponsive

The new packs I have for the expansion won’t reveal they game becomes unresponsive when I click to open the packs


I am also having this issue. I have bought a bunch of backgrounds with like 5 packs that come with it and saved them until today. I can open lich King packs but all other packs freeze and wont open. Then I have to quit to restart.


Same issue here. Any pack I try to open just shows five cardbacks and the game becomes unresponsive.

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Blizzard realized the drop rates of signature cards were too high and disabled them temporarily. Way to go asshats. Locking players out of playing your game will go over great.

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In the same boat have 5 green gold packs from a bundle and wont open.

Pack opening has been disabled as of Launcher fyi.

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