Network connection — one network only


On my Android, I cannot load Hearthstone while on my office wifi. The app loads fine on my home (and other) networks or mobile data, but when I open it here, I get an error message that says “Failed to get version information. Please check your network connection.” I assumed it was just slow wifi, but speed tests show it’s way faster than my home’s. I can stream audio/video fine and play other games like Pokemon Go and FE: Heroes. Not sure why Hearthstone won’t function.


Hey there,

It sounds like the network admin at the office has security set up in such a way that the game is getting blocked. My best advice would be to discuss the issue with the network admin directly.

The only resources we are able to provide are here. Outside of that they’d need to contact the developer of any security software for more details on allowing apps past them.

Some folks also use a VPN to bypass work security but this is not something I can suggest doing for a huge number of reasons. It’s both unsupported and your boss might not like it. I’d still check with them before even considering trying a VPN.