Nerf Wild Totem shaman

Nerf Wild totem shaman


well they nerfed other wild cards and now wild shaman totem is coming out to play along with pirate rogue and guff the tough – after they remove more cards or nerf more cards, even totem shaman will be even stronger, soon, all you will be playing is TotemCraft!

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For the love of Wild, please nerf all this ridiculously overpowered, broken, polarizing and solitaire bullcrap in Wild.

Or hire me.

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I think the only aggro that reached the tier rank is the toten. Stop crying! All classes have lots of BORKENS decks! Shaman only has a few… stop crying!

Toten shaman I can handle easily! The problem is mage secret, I have everything mage, I don’t like playing more than 5 mage secret games! Mage’s Secret is a boring deck to play with and difficult to play against! And there are still losers who cry to toten shaman, just a loser, climb the ranks and you will see that toten shaman is rubbish!!

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Well thats the fun of wild…either you loose hard or you win hard.

I think secret mage is very strong and I don’t complain! Today, I went with secret mage, decks that I found very strong: there is an aggro paladin with the new cards from this new collection, it was very strong! I faced a shadow pirate priest who made the opponent get a victory condition on the 3rd turn!! Pirate-type minions are easily summoned but they only have 1 life and in this shadow pirate priest deck, the opponent placed a 2 mana minion that gives an additional +1 life to any other minions summoned!! The game is over!! Win condition in the 3rd turn!! … and owner of the topic crying to totem shaman!! Rank up a little!!