NERF the Wild Priest

WTF … Turn 5 and the game is over… Are you developers smoking crack:_? It is simply ridiculous! Palm Reading… Shadow Visions…Shadow Essence… and then Neptunn pops out … you can recover from aggro but not this bullshhit. Game Over Wake up Devs!!!


whats the difference between that and dying to aggro turn 5? Let priest have fun.


I wish they cared a bit about wild.
Shadow essence is scamming games for ages, I doubt they will address it


You must not understand or you might be a new player. Either way your lost. You can recover from aggro but not this foolsihness.


i think you need to meet edwyn rogue…quest mage and spectral pillager rogue that kill you by turn 6…up to 7 for quest mage(but they run ice block//varden to freeze to get the turn they need to go infinite

if you play control priest you can kill big priest no problem(even if they pop on turn 2)
run these cards to deal with them

Paladin can run double gift of luminesce to get their own neptulon from priest

all classes can run faceless manipulator

while those help vs big priest in early game…not too sure how they handle late game…i play reno priest strictly(although played some cta paladin couple months ago cause it was so broken…kill opponent by turn 5 with crab rider)

edit: you can also play greymane totem shaman(hyper aggro deck if totems ain’t answered right away and devolve laugh at big priest)

edit 2: btw imma admit that neptulon is 1 problem…but 1 out of like 50 cards…if you fix 1 without fixing the rest then you alway gonna have broken deck that are unstoppable…so right now its busted deck vs busted decks

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Wild priest has grown into a huge problem. The result of ignoring broken combos for multiple expansions then printing out even more broken cards to go along with the already broken combos.

It’s called “Wild” for a reason. By definition it lends itself to being uncontrolled, untamed, unaltered.


Sounds like the thinking stops after saying this sentence. If it’s true: Why they did several Wild nerfs in the past? Sry, but “It’s called “Wild” for a reason” is a stupid argument. Even there you need some balance to keep the mode healthy. Only the inhibition threshold is significantly higher.

I agree with the topic: Priest, especially Big Priest, is currently a problem in Wild. They cheat out Neptulon too easily. And unlike Aggro, Neptulon stays on the board with all the resurrection Big Priest has. It’s not interactive. It’s not interessting. You don’t have to be smart to play this deck. For these reasons it is currently too common in Diamond Ranks and makes Wild to a terrible experience for those players.


go back and read the post from when wild was released. they clearly said they will spend zero dev time in this game mode and it will never be balanced. its called wild for a reason


Oh so demon seed, snipsnap, stealer, naga giants, questmage, , darkest hour, big priest (in past) etc where all totaly ok then and shoudlnt ahve been touched?


They should have stayed unaltered in Wild. Why is Hearthstone the only instance where people want to change the meaning of “Wild”?

So, what does “wild” mean in your land of make believe? I can’t find anything close to what you imagine it means.


Wild means playing majority of cards but that doesn’t mean balance shouldn’t exist in the format. Problem decks should be dealt with just like in standard.


yes and go read back what they said when they released the game mode. only very broken things will be fixed and often just banned instead. they dont plan on balancing wild EVER!!! the devs said it. you can curse all you want but hey thats how it is

I play dragon priest. It ain’t good, but it’s fun.


wild mean “The format where anything can happen” literally!!! thats how they phrased it


Then why is demon seed banned? Why is switcheroo banned? Why was Kael’thas nerfed? … I can confidently say there are still “very broken” combos but majority gets swept under a rug. The “wild is wild” excuse doesn’t work anymore.


I miss wild quest warlock so much… :’(


Definitely not a new player this being your first post says a lot, ive been playing this deck for weeks and you can definitely recover. It’a a hit or miss type of deck and your hate-thread from losing to it once is null and void.


I have never recovered.

Generally by the time they have ressed 3-4 times I am out of options. I could see a deck specifically built to beat them being ok.

But I am not the one asking for It to be nerfed its just 1 of half a dozen stupidly op wild decks. meh its wild.

You must be a new player.