Nerf rogues but ZERO changes to warriors


I mean…nice balance


The only reason Warrior is so good right now is because it’s a huge counter to lackey Rogue. Its other matchups aren’t really that great.


I understand snark can be fun (I indulge in it from time to time), but you could at least try and engage with the rationale behind focusing on Rogue and ignoring Warrior. From the patch notes:

We chose to focus primarily on Rogue in this update due to seeing the meta stabilize around the class’s most popular decks. Currently, if you want to build a deck that is strong against Rogue, you have just one reasonable option: Warrior. If you compare Rogue to Warrior, however, you’ll find that the latter class has a wide variety of good and bad matchups, which makes it unlikely that it’ll overtake Rogue in popularity in the current meta.

Patch notes cab be found here:


I agree. Nerf Dr.Boom hero card to 10 mana. This card was out at some point because warrior dk is one of the worst. But now dks are gone and this one is far too powerful


Yeah I spent 800 on Waggle picks which was a lot for me but glad I didnt go nuts. I invested in Warrior lately - whew.

And then never touched Zilliax! another whew in crafting.