Nerf Lavanthor!


By far the most frustrating encounter EVER had!10+ heroic runs end with that A-hat of a corehound if i get him as a 7th or 8th stage boss its game over EVER SINGLE TIME!!!
about to abandon heroic mode all together
nerf his cards or change his hero power to sum a rock that deals dmg to minions only


I agree, I am even expecting a nerf from blizzard. He’s ridiculously hard. I just beat heroic mode II but it was entirely because I built a deck to counter that boss (just a ton of lifesteal). You shouldn’t have to play in a way that you have to counter one boss or game over.


The deck I built, if it helps, was a shaman with the evolve hero power. I also had permanent stealth, the Gnomish Army Knife, the elixir that makes spells cost health, and about 4 Zilliax. The stealth and the evolve make sure that I can keep some value when getting burned. The “spells costing health” makes for efficient powerful turns and it goes very well with the spell that repeatedly heals for 4. The army knife adds more lifesteal (and is a spell that can be cheated out). I’m not saying that this is the only way, but maybe it helps your journey :slight_smile:


now 17 / 0 all thanks to a 100% chance of lavanthor at stage 7… ive stared taking screens shots of the failed runs… im facepalm…

@ [TylerDark] Thanks ill try it =)


The point of the game mode and the point of Roguelike games in general has always been that you build for the later fights, not the earlier ones.

Is the boss OP? I feel like he is, sort of. I’d certainly prefer to see the Obliterator as my final boss. But the only time I fought him I beat him almost entirely with Deathstalker Rexxar, which was a secondary win condition in my deck (the first being a 0 cost Swampqueen’s Call, which functions as an I Win button and which I never drew in this fight). Was it an easy fight? No, not at all, but I never really had to get lucky either.

You’re supposed to have to build for the last few bosses. That’s the whole point. The early ones are free, why would you focus on them?


So you are not a hero and not prepared to heroic mode. Is it problem with the game or you?


Your comment is so helpful… troll on somewhere else


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@ [Loco1234] tHe eArLy oNeS aRe fReE, wHy wOuLd yOu fOcUs On tHeM?

Because they’re not free, you’re supposed to build deck synergy. And that synergy must be enough to even carry you to the 7th boss. Try going blindpicking loots and treasures, and see if you can make it to the 4th boss. Or maybe stop being a lucky casual who has no idea what he’s talking about? Mm-hm.

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