Need help with final 2 classes for kobolds and catacombs

So im doing this for the cardback before rank reset im down too two classes left shaman and rogue they seem super hard to win with any tips :slight_smile:

Only rogue ramains did shaman.

hi, it’s been 7 days since your post so not sure if you still need this but i posted old link with a guide i made a couple of years ago. it’s a little old as i’ve almost got 100 wins with every character now. could happen this month. i really need to clean up my guide though its kinda confusing. anyway best of luck.

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Hithere i will still check out your guide because you effort to help :slight_smile: i did manage to finish it and now i have a cool cardback i do not help with another solo adventure.

The witchwood i need to win with tinker toki and its so hard and then i have to beat hagatha for the final challenge any tips :slight_smile:


It has been a long time since i played witchwood so I might get this wrong. but when i did play it a lot, i remember that i got to the point where i thought final boss hagatha was easier than other bosses because you knew you would be facing her instead of a random boss and the same treasures were offered each time so less rng. and the pattern i used to beat her worked almost everytime.

Against her you get orignal treasure card and then 3 hero cards with additional treasures that you use to beat her added to your regular hand that. These hero cards have a progressively bigger board clear so while you want to get to their hero power as fast as you can it’s also important to sometime hold back for an impactful board clear. As far as the hero power goes I would almost always take in order.

  • first aid - heals plus 2 to your character and all menions every turn. she is strong so you will generally need this to heal. you can take some damage and trade without having to worry as much about immediate death.

-Double time - the 1st spell you cast each turn, cast twice

-Entrenchment- all menions get plus 2 permanent health. This synergizes well with first aid.

-Cult of wolf- allows you to use your hero power twice. and your final hero power will be to add card spells to hand that have been played earlier in game. The synergizes well with Double time. It is important to pay attention to what spells computer has played along with what you have played. So sometimes it might be better to not play a sub optimal spell because it will dirty the pool since you are offered 3 spell cards then 3 spell cards. you want op spell cards that you can play double time with.

finally you want to be prepared for hagathas op cards like almogalmate which clears both boards and takes all stats from dead minions and makes it into a giant menion. i think thats is her most op card but like i said its been awhile. along the way try to find cards that easily deal with almogamate like hex or just don’t play to big of a board if you can’t deal with it.

That’s about it the most i can remember, i playing it right now so maybe i’ll come back and edit later. cheers

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Thank for the hagatha battle tips this wil definatly help :slight_smile: but i am struggling to finish time tinker tokis dungeon run before i can even face hagatha of all the heroes i believe toki is the hardest to complete with correct?

Unles i misread im rereading your reply again the double time is this for tinker toki dungeon run or hagatha final battle sorry for all the questions and ty for your help.

no problem. like i said it’s been awhile since i have played witchwood and i was just speaking about hagatha strategy in my previous post. but from what i remember about using toki, double time is probably her most op treasure to get. there are a lot of spells in her bucket. try to find cards that synergize with doubletime. i don’t know if you can get this card but a card like “pack the house” is great for this treasure - summon a random 6, 5, 4, and 3 cost minion- not only will you get all that but you get to cast it twice.

then there are cards that work with both double time and synergize with you hero power. cards like primordial glyph- discover a spell and reduce it’s cost by 2. So you get to cast this twice and your looking for other spells that would also be great with double time and your hero power. but if you don’t find any that are op, then back up time and try again.

if you have double time, toki can get kind of crazy but it can also be one of the more fun champs to play.

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Pack the house would be insane but i would lose out on minion i wonder in what order they get summoned :smiley: but it would stil be worth it if that board sticks its game.

So if i dont get a good power its better to just concede and try for a better power am i right this is what you mean ?

not necesarily. you can find other op things that work in builds. double time is just probably the best for toki. my suggestion is just to have fun. :slight_smile:

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Ok im gona go do it il let you know how it went btw hat are some other solo adventures i should buy that are fun i am thinking of buying all the old adventures to get the wildcards im missing but i also wana finish some other adventures im rly starting to enjoy solo adventures besides playing standard and when i finish them on normal im going to try ther hardest mode :smiley:

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They are pretty fun! I only played the 1st 4 adventures. I only really play the single player adventures now over and over. no multiplayer so when hearthstone started charging for later adventures, i didn’t purchase any because no hearthstone currency. I really like kabolds and rastakhans rumble the best out of those 4. it is kind of like my solitaire go to when i’m bored.

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The best challenge for kobolds is to try and win with buckets that are much harder kobolds has alot of replayability i am planning on doing every adventure achievement but faelins adventure i defeated the final boss with all 3 special minions but the achievement did not complete i gues il try it again another time.

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just wanted to add, in the hagatha battle, i used the same treasures @tree22beard suggested. i also tried to get and hold a copy of “call of the wild” (i think that’s what it was called. summonall hunter companions) at start of battle. so you can get multiple copies in final stage. good luck with both battles.

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Hi thanks for the advice I will look out for that treasure too

i just died to Cragtor he summoned cheap 8 8 minions was very hard :smiley: was the 6th boss.

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Need helps with this again tess greyman was actually my last class and this is even more tough then toki

Should i go for deathrattle nzoth or go with jades or both ?

I am actually getting succes with the heropower treasure that makes it one and refreshes and the jade package as i can spam shuriken toss :smiley: for easy jade golems and i took the extra mana crystral at start.

If i use the hero power and no spells are played i get the 0 mana stone which enables my combos im at the 7th boss hopefully i can do this.

I did it now only hagatha remains :smiley:

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