Kabolds-finally hit 100 run wins w/ one character

So while I sometimes do the other single player content, I mostly have stuck with Kobolds and Catacombs. It is kind of like my off and on solitaire/boredom go to. I play a strict rotation of the characters so that they all get nearly equal time.

After all this time I finally hit 100 wins with one champion. And the winner of Kobolds and Catacombs is… Hunter

Here are the final tallies and rankings: wins/bosses defeated

  1. hunter- 100/1371
    2a. shaman-98/1361
    2b. warlock-98/1286
  2. paladin- 89/1327
  3. druid- 83/1337
  4. rogue- 71/1276
  5. mage- 66/1269
  6. priest- 59/1314
  7. warrior- 54/1279

edit. so strange, on my write up and on my screen currently, i have paladin as 4., druid 5, etc. but the forum took it upon itself to number them the way you see it.

while i’m by no means a good player, here is my simplistic guide to each champion

the one thing that probably works with all champions is double health. pair with wish or maybe a reno and there is a good chance for victory. it’s so good because because boss champions usually get out to early lead with extra mana and health. so you have time to take a few punches and still stick to your strategy.

hunter- deathstalker rexxar is probably the main reason hunter is the winner. you almost can’t have too much of them so that you make sure you get one during the game. the extra armor plus board clear don’t hurt either.
treasures- captured flag- so many multi minion deathrattles and unleashed hound
- double deathrattle
- double battlecry- along with minion battlecries, rexxar is now flamestrike
- minions for 5- along with big beast, rexxar creations are cheap.

shaman -double battlecry jade is crazy
treasures- double battlecry- jades and dedicated bucket list
-hero power-one mana and you get to pick is nice depending on what you need
-captured flag- with hero power is really good, also speeds up jades
-deathreattle-is ok
-stealth- overloaded guys who get buffed

warlock- giants and captured flag op. demons w/ bloodreaver guldan
treasures- captured flag- so many great minions that multiply and spells
-giants- this is the best minion for 5 deck. starting 2 mana 8/8’s plus big demons
-stealth- with the 9 mana demon who makes hero take no damage

paladin- hero power treasure plus captured flag is usually easy win. but keep some bigger units for counters.
treasure- hero power- really good. easy early game. plethora of ways to buff.
-capture flag- lots of small stuff to buff
-stealth- sometimes your little minions need to survive before they are buffed.
buff hand guy or make everything cheaper hand guy, and new hero power that gives 4 minion win condition
-deathrattle- situational. a litle slow but that weapon that buffs everything is
crazy. or wax wager.

druid- jade and giants
treasure -battecry
-5 mana giants
-captured flag-

rogue- jades and deathrattle. you can win without jades it but there are a lot of bad cards
treasures-deathrattle- jades plus decent deathrattle bucket
-battlecry- jades, cthun, and minions that bring 2 jades back into hand
and playing them again. also the guy that stuffs 4/4 in deck and plays
when drawn. sometimes fatigue draw guy can be fun.
-spell damage-nothing like flamestrike plus draw a card for 3 mana
-capture flag

mage- hero power is king.
treasures -hero power-good early game. good bucket. frost lich jaina with 3/6’s. if her
-power damage didn’t shrink to 1, mage would be a lot better.
-stealth-minion who stops hero damage max 1. all the plus spell damage
characters, guy who makes fireballs, a lot of hero power minions who
do good things that you don’t want targeted.
-spell damage-
-giants- situational. hard to get a whole bunch of them but good when you can

priest- stealth characters that buff after healing can wreck quick
treasures- stealth- also the guy who makes more spells
-deathrattle- ok but some characters in bucket actively sabotage you.
-captured flag- ok especially if you have good deathrattles
-battlecry- cthun, elementals

warrior- stealth can be good but a lot of taunt minions negated
treasures- stealth- all the raging characters that can’t be targeted. buff hand guy. guy that produces menions based on armor. guy that gains attack when minions get damaged.
-hero power- the guy who makes minions based on armor level is fun
-captured flag- ok

least favorite champions- bad design award- ixlid and azuri the devourer
ixlid- feels so bad to have great deck and brick the opener. no strategy
azuri- so i just spent an hour building and theory crafting a deck to throw 2/3 of
in the garbage. it kind of negates the whole point of the run.

favorite champion- tad - reward, plus the do i go for it or play it safe.

hardest champion- late game candlebeard- health, extra mana, into
face is the place, into vanish, into face is the place. usually need to hit your
bonus treasure or have some type of op deck.


Wow. I thought I was the biggest Dungeon Run fan out there, but that’s alot of games played! I’m interested in why you stuck with Kobolds and Catacombs? I’ve also had alot of fun with Dalaran Heist, Tombs of Terror, and Witchwood Monster Hunt.

My stats agree that Hunter, Shaman, and Paladin are the easiest. Mage and Priest among the hardest. My main difference from your list is that I have found Rogue to be by far the hardest class to win with. If you don’t get Jade, the Rogue buckets just don’t pack enough punch to get through the last couple of bosses.

I also agree that Azuri the Devourer is my least favourite boss. You have to get lucky and draw your good cards.

Excellent guide. You really know your stuff.

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thank you!

for a long while my rotation involved monster hunt and rastakhan rumble. i have quite a few games there too. at one point i tried to expand my rotation to the newer content also and then it became too much. it took forever to get through one single rotation. also i don’t really play multi-player anymore so it wasn’t as easy to unlock the newer content. and i got tired of learning all the bosses and their cards, etc… then i got the idea to just get a character to 100 goal so i stayed in kabolds.

i usually just play to kind of turn off and not think about stuff while actively using my brain. sometimes i play at work.

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