[NEED HELP] Error Failed to get update. Please check network connection


Hi. I couldn’t get into hearthstone just today after yesterday’s maintenance.

I’m getting this error
Failed to get update. Please check network connection.

I already tried restarting my phone. I also tried uninstall and reinstalling the game. I tried clearing the Hearthstone app cache. I deleted all videos on my phone to make sure there’s enough space, there’s plenty of space now. I cleared my RAM.

I checked with my ISP and they don’t have any issue, my mobile data works on everything else. Hearthstone works on WiFi but not on mobile data. Even though it works on WiFi, I play Hearthstone when I travel (I do it everyday) so WiFi is not a solution for me. Please help fix this.

My phone is an Android phone. Oppo A37, I’ve been using it for the past six months for Hearthstone.

Also worth mentioning that I also get the
We can download in the background
even though I already downloaded everything from WiFi.

It asks to download 0B worth of data, I click yes, It loads for a long time before saying Failed to get update. Please check network connection.

EDIT: It works now.

EDIT 2: The problem came back. Somebody please help.


I got same problem here, is there anyone can help us?


Same issue here, makes no sense as my 4G works very well


Please fix this issue! I can’t play from mobile!!!


I sse lots of good help from devs here so just a big thumbs up to the forum


Yeah, got the same problem…on iOS.


Same here, iOS. More characters to be able to post.

Edit: got it to work by removing app from phone and reinstalling.


I have the same issue on iOS after last update.


Locking this thread. Please reply to the post here tracking the iOS failed to get update error:

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