Need a mage deck please

That doesn’t use the weapon because it seems that every !#$$%^% is running viper.

Im sorry to tell you: The weapon is almost the only thing mage has going for it. The class is trash.

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LMAO, blizz doing anything other than laughing at mage class is just wishful thinking.

Literally nothing Mage has another class doesn’t have/do way better.

Secrets…most expensive in the game and the worst
Direct damage…every class does it better
Card draw…expensive, with no “do this AND draw” or “get minion AND draw” we get…crazy expensive (3 mana draw two and NOTHING ELSE) or play a bunch of other cards to draw two
CC…no thanks, they took away all that years ago.
deck synergy…nah…one or two cards but not an entire deck like every other class
Aggro…LMAO, your minions will NOT synergize, they WILL BE to expensive and extra squishy.
Discovery…Watch us load the pool with a bunch of useless crap.
Persistent effects…not for mage.

And then there is the whole, give Mage one decent card or stupid hard to pull off combo…three people will complain and blizz will immediately nerf it into a different dimension…every other class with completely broken BS “sorry we can’t be bothered, maybe wait till rotation, working as intended”

Mage has not had a top tier deck in forever and probably never will.


It’s had 3 last month xD

And btw, turn on twitch, go to Norwis channel and watch what’s playing in top 10 legend.

You might be surprised to see Mage everywhere

He just said it’s the best deck in the game

There is a HUGE difference between top ten legend decks and what the vast majority of people play on ladder. Legend ranks, especially high legend is a completely different game.
There has not been a mage deck in the first 4-5+ pages of any “top deck” site in a very long time.
I would bet all these decks in legend were not used for the climb, outside of maybe a couple that burned into legend on day one with all the bonus stars.

I don’t know about that. I don’t believe it’s true, but even if it is, it doesn’t change my next point:

If they work in top legend, they work in lower ranks, too, if you know how to pilot them.

Naturally, if you’re stuck in lower ranks, you don’t know many things about the game, so learning to plot it might be harder, but it doesn’t mean the deck is bad, it just means it’s difficult to pilot properly.

So if you’re looking for a top tier deck to grind with, ofc copying a deck from someone with top ranks in legend will be beneficial to you - provided you have the time and will to learn to pilot it.

Many things that are hard for people stuck in lower ranks basically boil down to:

a) not knowing the decks they play against and how to play around them by heart,
b) not knowing key things such as when to value trade, when to push for tempo and when to go face,
c) Playing subpar homebrew decks

It’s theoretically impossible for a deck to be good in top legend ranks and not be viable to reach legend. It’s a misconception. Top legend players can hit legend with subpar decks purely based on knowledge of the game (but then again, they wouldn’t play those subpar decks because of that same knowledge xD Unless their name is Thijs. Thijs can do anything he wants xD)

Yeah, I’m having the most success with elemental mage and even it is absolute trash. With a max of 3 health or less for all of their minions almost anything clears them constantly. If elementals had 4 instead of 3 it would make it somewhat better.

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