My Tavern Brawl this week

Here’s how it went down:

  1. Built a big spell mage deck with Deck of Lunacy hoping to get up to some crazy hijinks.
  2. Queued into a Demon Hunter who played the card that rendered him immune for a turn and then proceeded to draw into most of his deck, finding over thirty damage in a turn.
  3. Figured it was a fluke and queued again.
  4. Queued into a second Demon Hunter who got unlucky on turn one but found his lethal on turn 2.
  5. Deleted my mage deck and built the Demon Hunter deck that owned me twice in a row.
  6. Queued into yet another Demon Hunter who had no chance to even play because I happened to go first and have thirty six damage in my opening hand.
  7. Done with Tavern Brawl for the week

Was this really fun and interactive play? I think not. In the past, brawl-breaking cards were banned from the weekly brawl, but I guess someone didn’t play test this brawl very thoroughly.


All classes can kill you on first turn. Not really fun brawl but I quess it was done to try crazy combos. If you go second you lose.

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I agree, this weeks brawl is probably the worst one.
But lets be real, most brawls arent any fun at all and most weeks you just play for one win for the free pack which is sad since the concept of the brawl mode is good but is very low down in the food chain of all hearthstone modes.


Brawls can be fun but they get old very quickly. One match (if that) is often when I’ve had my fill.

But yeah, not a fun brawl. I vsed someone who threw down a mana wyrm then ended his turn. Poor little guy didn’t know the storm that was coming for him.

Any banned cards from previous brawls were probably easy, quick fixes. This brawl likely has too many broken cards to bother.

And I highly doubt they care anyways. Why bother for a mode most people will only play until they win and has individual rules that only appears once every XX number of weeks?

It doesn’t seem that hard to simply ban any card that makes you immune to damage for a turn.

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yeah, but when there’s a bunch of other broken stuff too, it doesn’t matter if you ban one card. Especially when matches can literally end on turn 0 for your opponent.

That brawl was basically like playing a combo deck on steroids. It’s essentially starting with 30/40 mana.