Murloc Holmes and the Murder at Castle Nathria

Murloc Holmes and the Murder at Castle Nathria

Join in the murder-mystery with this Murder at Castle Nathria mystery script!

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aha … 20 milion chars …

¡Me encanta! Ojalá más lore así :heart: :heart:


This is so creative, well done once more Blizzard! I own all of WoW Christie Golden’s books and it is a great idea to provide us contents for the new expansion with a mistery script :heart:


I get a feeling the prince has orchestrated his own demise (perhaps even a fake one), and none of the 10 primary suspects did it.

So, who’s the murderer?

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it was literally everyone minus the dumb dumb that is rafaam lol, everyone had a motive but him. though with that said a handful of them makes no sense why they’d plot to kill him

Oh goodie, more face murlocs.

it’s deffinetly stewart right? self report amongus tought me allot of things :smiley:

As always: team 5, with the assistance of actiblizz.

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i think its DRAKA she was outside but her boots were clean to i did a spreadsheet up.

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Probably killed by Stewart, but under the orders of Pelagos.

It seems likely Denathrius was poisoned, and Stewart would have been the character most able to apply the poison, not to mention that he “found” the body seemingly immediately, as though he was right there at the time of the murder. On top of this, at one point in the story Stewart is shown to have Denathrius’s original drink on hand (when asked about the special thing he had prepared, he offers the drink for inspection immediately). This would hint that he had just swapped the drinks before everyone else returned, and didn’t have time to discard the original drink. The only problem is that he doesn’t have a motive, and seemed to be loyal to Denthrius, so why would he kill him?

The poison specifically mentioned in the story is “Holy Spice”. Who would have had Holy Spice in their drink? Pelagos. But Pelagos wouldn’t have had the means to swap drinks unnoticed, which is where Stewart comes in: Stewards have to follow the orders of Kyrian such as Pelagos above all their other duties, so a command from Pelagos to swap drinks would override Stewart’s loyalty to Denathrius. And Pelagos has no verifiable alibi, and a very strong motive, even implying he would have killed Denathrius if he had the chance.

This would also explain why Stewart “didn’t have time” to help Refaam who he saw burning. It’s unlikely any of his normal duties would be more important than extinguishing one of his master’s guests, but if he had a time-sensitive order from a Kyrian, that could prevent him from helping.

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Good :smiley:
Bueno :smile:
Sería cool que regalaran una carta o sobre por leer todo así como curiosidad oculta.

Yo creo que Denathrius está vivo. Dijo que quería que los invitados jugaran y se conocieran. Todo es un inocente juego ideado por él mismo.
Denathrius is alive!

성범죄자 새끼들만 남아가지고 게임성은 안보여주고 주구장창 설명만 길게 써놓았네

Hobojed made a solid argument for Stewart being the killer, but I feel this event could be going 2 different ways instead.

Most likely, Denathrius isn’t actually dead. 10 people invited to a location in his power that he had reason to believe needed to be ‘dealt with’? On top of the anima scandal? This goes 2 ways, Denathrius is setting the guests up to war amongst themselves to clear out some high profile enemies.

Alternatively, the ‘murder’ is a cover to draw eyes away from the anima stockpile issue. Everyone points fingers and tries to clear names while the Sire sits back and reveals himself ‘after’ everyone blows all the allotted time to do their snooping. Like pulling a fire alarm on IRS audit day to get you closer to your flight departure time.

At very least I don’t buy Stewart as a patsy or stooge for the murder. If I read part 3 right, “Holy Spice” was a kitchen staple and was in use, Ara’lon received a beverage with some. Pelagos wouldn’t need to provide and, most importantly, why would Stewart stay quiet? Job’s done, the only one likely to punish him is the corpse he left and the guests, at various levels, would applaud him. If he was acting on orders, he could just reveal them and no one would think twice.

No, Denathrius took a Feign Death potion and is either looking to start faction warfare or bur time of the guests to investigate the castle for the horded anima.


so… who killed him? its been like 5 months and no resolution?


I’ve not read this whole topic, but I’ll answer you. In Mercenaries, Murloc Holmes [1] has an ability called ’ And The Killer Is!’ [2] with three options (see ‘Choice cards’), one of them being ’ Obviously The Murderer’ — and the art [3] points at Rafaam, so I personally consider him to be the culprit, which isn’t so suprising in the first place.


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Oh, you expected a satisfying tie up form this dev team. They still can’t properly do a release, and their special card back achievements are bugged and they have no intention of fixing those either.

Like I said when this launched: team 5 killed him.