Murder at Castle Nathria is NOW LIVE!

Murder at Castle Nathria is NOW LIVE!

Hearthstone’s newest expansion is now live worldwide!

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cant c it in shop yet


Congratulations Blizzard team and all players!!!

Finally the long-awaited expansion saw the light!!!

A long-expected journey through new reward track!!!

In the future new patches, adventures and seasonal events!!!

Let’s start to play!!!


I wish it wasn’t.

So far it’s completely broken stupidity.

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Store is inaccessible, and now the play hearthstone button is gray. So far, terrible way to start new expansion =/

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Hello. I waited the new expansion release to log in in order to have the diamand 5 end of month rewards (1 epic + rares) from castle expansion. All rares received were castle. So far so good. But epic card was radar detector … sad. Well i crafted 1 copy of it last 2 monthes to make the achievement so now i should have 2 copoes of it.
A bit disappointed i open 1 sunken city pack and … radar detector again !!! How possible i was missing lots of epics in sunken city ??
So i check my collection. Expecting 3 copies of it. No only two ?? so either the epic from lvl 5 diamand vanished (i have no one epoc from castle) or i dont know cause i never dust cards if they are not nerfed.

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So until the next expansion the whole ranked game is about using 1 card?(Sire Denathrius)
When i think the game cant be worse, u always prove meg wrong.

Any chance for a solo adventure?

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dont worry is a free card

You are honestly losing me on this one… the new auto-include in every deck is theo… and its ok for a CARD game to just let your opponent look at your hand on turn 4 every game? The steal isnt the problem… why is it a good idea to give them 3 options and show them the other cards im holding? Stupidity

we can get a lot of info on opponent deck just by playing holmes if is info what we want

I don’t see the problem, on turn 4 you already know what deck your opponent is playing and can guess what cards he has anyway. This is how you play hearthstone, you play around cards your opponent could have so that your opponent can’t make the optimal play. Unless your opponent has 3 cards in his hand it doesn’t matter as you can never see the others.

Nice seing Druid having their 6 million mana turns again like back in the old days. It’s like playing against 2 players. There is no more control games. Druid just auto wins everything.

Make Demon Hunter playable :frowning:

Your updater is the worst.