Mobile Crash: Unwanted Renoun Treasures Upgrade in HS Mercs

Hello, I am writing because an in-game issue that occurred over the weekend. It might seem minor to others, but I have OCD that is causing me to lose sleep. I wanted to be able to move on, which is why I’ve tried waiting a few days… but I’ve realized that I’m dwelling on this issue multiple times per hour, 50+ times a day. Hopefully you are able to provide assistance.

I am a long-time player of Hearthstone (10 year anniversary!) and enjoy the game very much. One of my favorite modes is Mercenaries. It’s a relaxing way to play when I don’t feel like being competitive.

On Sunday night I was playing Hearthstone on my mobile device when the game crashed while I was upgrading my Renoun Treasures. I always upgrade pertinent Renoun Treasures to level 25. There are a few essential skills that need to be higher than level 25 to progress in the Mythic Boss Rush game mode, but for all other useful skills, I must level them to level 25, no more, no less.

But when I logged in after the mobile app crash, my “Stormwind Tabard” was level 26. Since the game doesn’t allow you to downgrade treasures, my Mercenaries mode feels like it is forever blemished. Sorry if this seems dramatic, or like an over-reaction, but it’s how I truly feel. I’m also sad that there wasn’t a fail-safe in the UI (such as a “confirm upgrade” button to help prevent this from happening).

Anyway, I’m hoping that you could help downgrade my “Stormwind Tabard” from level 26 back to level 25. A renoun refund is not necessary at all. If this option is unavailable… I would be happy with any solution that would allow me to revert the skill back to level 25.

I’m aware that this simple ask might be difficult, given that Mercenaries is not actively supported, but it would help me immensely. Thank you in advance.