Mobile client crashing alot (Android)

Same problem here, during a 60 minute Tavern brawl event, the game crashes with black screen und close app like 3-4 timrs on androud tablet. Didnt occur before the patch.

With this new patch 15.4 I encountered several issues regarding mobile gameplay that has become almost impossible:

when you consult the collection, when you play (both ranked and adventure) and especially when you try to buy in the store
The game crashes for no reason
(I have already tried to delete the caches and reinstall the application but nothing)

by connecting to point 1) when you are in the game and the game stops working and you return to the main screen of the phone
When you re-enter the game to be able to connect to the previous game started you need to press the “play” button and start a new game
Only then will the game take you back to the previous game that started
(With obvious loss of time and the risk of losing the game due to the exhaustion of the rope)

Please help me

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Same here, the game crashes a lot since the latest update. It’s usually happening whenever i switch back and forth from another app.

Android 10, Hearthstone from the amazon app store.

Same problem here, honor 10, Android 9.0.

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Also on mobile and i cant even enter solo adventures as it keepa freezing on me, on mobile will just constantly freeze for no reason, costed me an arena run at first nothing happened, second time i thought my internet choose the worst time to die so i switched to data, 3rd game it happens again and i know it wasnt my fault, got left with 0 wins, so yea would like for this issue to be fix since i cant play against other people or i lose and the game refuses to even let me into solo stuff

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Same here… Since the last update the game crash very often. For example this morning impossible to access the tab adventures the game crashed 5 times affiliates. I play under p20 pro Huawei.
I can not play anymore and am very dissatisfied


I’m having the same issue. Honor 9 and a fully updated Android 9 OS. Random crashes whilst ingame or just browsing the menus.

Same here on Huawei p20 lite.
App closes while in normal game mode. Sometimes twice, which causes an instant lost game.
Switched to tavern brawl. Same issues here. In a complete run (8/8) app closed twice.
Sadly I spend 41:30 for that run -> without the issue I would have made it below 40 min.

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Good morning, everyone,
I’m also a victim of the bug with my Huawei P smart.
Every time I start the adventure mode, my screen turns black and the application cuts out.
This is quite problematic because I only play the story mode now (the arena mode has not been a problem since the update).
Do you have any idea of the bug and the resolution date?

Blizzard fix pls this problem

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I never post here… but same problem. Game is actually unplayable since the last update.
I play on a P20 lite, Android 9


Can Blizzard at least acknowledge the problem? I remeber in the past they would say something like “we are aware of the issues”. Right now I have this feeling that nobody is even trying to fix it. My mobile client crashes constantly and it completely ruins my day :frowning: android 8.1.0 here

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Same here.
I Just like to add my phone cause nobody mentioned it (Samsung Galaxy S5)
I won’t play HS in the phone until this is fixed. Hell no. Windows here I come.

Maybe Blizzard, will give packs for the games to compensate for the games we lost over this stupid bug. After all, it seems the patch is poorly implemented.

Fun fact, if we know the difference between the people online in the servers before and after this patch, we can estimate the amount of people who now dumps faster… Trust me, I am an engineer.

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Same problem. Happen only since new update…

Same problem… I’m playing only at android do its horrbile for me

Same problem (constant freezing in the client, no crashing; I’d almost prefer crashing actually). Moto G5 Android 8.1.

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same here or android Meizu m3note, honor 8

Yes - since the patch / update with the new hero portraits and such - I’ve had WAY more mobile crashes than in the past. (Android user)

Same issue on my Asus C302C Chromebook (Chrome OS 77.0.3865.105). Since the last update I can’t get through a solo run (both tavern and tombs) without at least several freezes. I have to shut the app down and relaunch each time.

Same problem here. Keeps freezing and shutting down since the last update. Android Samsung Tablet.