Missing returning player progress, cards missing, and more

I’ve recently returned to the Hearthstone community after a period of absence and I wanted to share my experience with you, as well as seek some assistance.

I previously logged in previously after a break and was offered a free deck which included cards such as astalor, and some others. Was a mage deck if I recall. I noticed that the deck was not in my collection. This also feels quite demoralizing.

Upon my return, I observed that several of my previously collected cards, including some of my cherished first legendries which were from packs and hard earned have been transitioned to the core set. This change, while understandable, left me without the special version of the card that held sentimental value to me, and I was surprised to find that no compensation in dust was provided for this alteration as they were collectables and utilized dust and pack openings to get them originally.

There’s many more instances of this, where I spent dust to create a card, and it was moved to core, which sure, is understandable since I’ve been away for so long, but I should have 2 of the card, or be refunded the dust if the card has a limit of 1 in the collection. If it rotates out of the core as it says I only have 1, it will mean I will not have it anymore as it says x1 in collection, and if it said 2x like it properly should as I owned it before, I should be able to disenchant the second or at the least receive the dust or something for what I’ve invested into this as I’ve been playing since classic. It an issue with a serious number of cards which I will list below (list not fully inclusive), I spent a significant amount of dust creating theses cards, and to see that my collection only has 1x of each, where it should say 2 with the option to dust one if I choose would be more appropriate.

These are some of the examples I’m sure I owned and only see 1x of each.
Grommash Hellscream
Ragnaros the Firelord
Bloodmage Thalnos
Cairne Bloodhoof
Baron Geddon
Dr. Boom
King Krush
Lord Jaraxxus

In my collection, I’m missing the following cards which I know I had without a doubt:
Arch-Thief Rafaaam
The Lich King
Alexstrasza (my main was mage as my first legendary was Arch-mage antondis, and it was freeze mage originally)
Edwin VanCleef
Aya Blacpaw

Additionally, I encountered an issue where, despite being offered a choice of six decks on my PC with the option to keep one, I did not receive my selected deck which has Astalor in it. When I was looking through my collection I noticed I was missing it which felt disheartening.

Comparatively, a friend of mine who also returned recently, not only received the promised deck from the earlier offer but was also able to participate in the new deck selection promotion and received a significant number welcome back packs, I don’t recall the exact amount but it was a mind boggling amount whereas I only received 20. Given that we both have a similar history with Hearthstone, having started before the League of Explorers, the disparity in our “welcome back” experiences is quite puzzling and feels disheartening.

I’m genuinely enthusiastic about the upcoming expansion and was excited about pre-ordering the new set, which I just spent $100 on as it contains really good value and some catch up opportunities as well. However, I can’t help but feel a bit disheartened by these discrepancies, which seem to put me at a disadvantage and dampen the excitement of my return compared to my friend who was simply joking that “they only want you to pay, I simply spent barely anything compared to you so of course they’re gonna give me all the gifts” which makes me feel like my decision to re-enter hearthstone and make some purchases upon my return as pre-orders and mini-sets feel like he’s right and I should just avoid the game and spend the $180+ on mini-sets and pre-orders and more after the expansion releases it elsewhere where I’d get multiple games for my PS5 for the amount I spent today. (which I haven’t opened yet or used, as ToS would allow a refund if unused which I made sure to confirm prior to making them because I’m on the fence)

Any advice on how to proceed? The hundreds of classic packs I opened and duplicates I dusted to create my legendries are now core or legacy without it even showing a second copy meaning I simply just wasted money, time and effort there and now I’m missing a welcome back deck from last time which had astalor, and my friend received almost 8 times more than I did in packs alone and I just feel de-moralized and like I wasted money towards this expansion.

I’d like some feedback from players as it seems it doesn’t matter to Blizard either way I previously opened a support ticket and was told

"I have investigated this for you, and I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you.

Unfortunately we Game Masters do not have any ability to give out any items or cards here"

Is this is a common feeling? If so I I believe I’ll simply just refund my purchases as they haven’t been used and stop myself before diving into this game again and not spending more money after the expansion pointlessly and spend the money on steam and a few PS5 games

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