MISSING Cards since update still no compensation or news

After the update we all had cards vanish without an update on the issue or compensation to get the missing cards back. Whats the deal, when will we be compensated?


This is the deal. The annual Core set rotation happened. Compensation is new cards in place of old cards:

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Nowhere in there does it say were removing cards you earned/crafted with no compensation.

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It’s true. That article did not state anything of the sort.

I am too tired and annoyed by this whole Core rotation thing. I give up. Try searching the forums and maybe you will find an answer

There are only two possibilities. Either amateurs or thieves work in Blizzard.


Best response so far I guess. Its made me not want to play or buy the pass this go around. Lets hope they do something and do it fast.

Yeah but every rotation they delete cards that i know for a fact that I unpacked OR went out of my way to craft using dust; cards I would never dust, and all their help page says is “maybe you dusted it by accident durrr” - Purples and ledgies that I use constantly and would never get rid of

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you never crafted the core set cards, you had them for free

The missing cards range from simple commons through legendary. Cards like heartstrike, defrost, runeforging for dk is now missing etc. I know that i never disenchanted those cards.

It is a little frustrating and confusing when the core set rotates. There is no mention in-game what is happening with your collection. Perhaps there can be an in-game message at the start of every new year/season explaining that you will lose the old core set and the new core set will automatically added to your collection. And it would be even more informative if the temporary cards in our collection (that we do not permanently own) could be marked somehow to differentiate them from what we do own. They should also not even show up in any way as duplicates when disenchanting cards… My two cents.