Missing cards after update

Hi, I am missing a lot of cards after update ?..
… Not sure if it was after I bought the new reward track.

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I am having this problem as well. When I open one of my wild decks, several cards say they are missing, and other cards say they cannot be used in standard. Of course, it’s a wild deck, so… not sure how that’s relevant.

What is the remedy for this? Is wild currently unplayable?

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this happens to me sometimes. just click the card, add one of the reccomended cards so that itll stop being blue, then just remove that card and add a card you actually want. this fixes it every time for me.

i am currently running nothing but wild decks and having no problems. it is annoying though but it only takes like 5 seconds to fix each deck.

im missing cards from a bunch of decks since this update seems to be from the frozen throne set, it just says i dont have them anymore like i have to recraft them. im missing all my deathnight cards like jaina thrall and anduin. im even missing my bone drake from my old dragon priest deck. they re in red saying its not playable. but my friend has his copies of those cards no problem. what do i do about this

serait-il possible d’arrêter de m’enlever des cartes. J’ai dépenser beaucoup dans votre jeu. Je paye pas pour les perdre merci :frowning:

I am having this issue as well. Lots of my cards I have had before are suddenly gone after the new launch

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I hit this issue as well. I managed to restore a few cards, by removing them from my deck, then re-adding it… but a select few, and more expensive legendaries, are totally gone. Not in my library, and got nuked from an active deck I was still using like a day ago.

Had the same problem but removing and adding worked. I did lose some legendarys though … like Shadowreaper Anduin !!!
I hope this is just a bug that will be fixed soon.

I guess im not the only one then, so many cards are missing from my collection. most of then are from wild format.

Same here… Some cards are even gone, after taking them out and trying to readd them. Game says i need to craft them like i never owned them.

Yeah I also lost cards the moment the Lich King update happened. I lost a bunch of legendary’s (even when I look back into the collection). It’s definitely a bug since it’s telling me I can’t use these cards in wild when the deck is clearly a wild deck

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i also lost a few golden legendary cards.

Following this
Thought it was because core card list got updated but if it is a bug id say my sets got affected too. Ended up deleting the decks.

ive got the same issue :confused: lost a whole bunch of cards, lots of legendaries, what is going on ???

And isn’t it wild that we hear not a peep from blizzard’s fine support staff, when discussing a total show-stopper bug that actually involves customers losing access to purchased products? You’d think if they cared even a stitch about their customers, they’d at least tell us they’re working on it.

Same here… All legendary cards connected to the first Lich King got removed… I’m pretty sure it only happened to ones I got for free somehow since the Jaina I rolled in a Pack stayed in my collection. Maybe having them in the first place was a bug? Weird to not get any informational pop-ups then tho…

still same, blood queen lana’thel , all princes, arfus some rares and epics like coldarra drake despicable dreadlord in short frozen throne related cards are missing. I hope that issue is related with relaunch of naxxaramas on feb. 14th. Hoping to get them back for free once the mini-set is revealed. :slight_smile:

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