Mercenaries: Uther even worse as a protector?

So, Uther hasn’t been the most popular mercenary in the game, perhaps… Still, for me he used to have at least some jobs in the ‘Team H’ (Holy-Human)* in PvE, namely against bosses such as (Heroic) Ravak, where he seemed as a more expensive, but thematically fitting alternative to someone like Bru’kan if you relied on speed manipulation for that boss fight, or even Lokholar as a back-up. Nowadays, as a red merc, he’s even worse against that heroic Ravak (since C’Thun has incentivised us the to revisit that bounty anyway, I’ve decided to go for Heroic and give the new incarnation of Uther a try), taking way too much damage from that blue freezing enemy, whereas his new role as a protector… I don’t know, Cornelius is still probably a much better tank in that team, while Varian can do so much more damage against most enemy fighters. Sure, there is this somewhat unique feature of dealing damage with spells… But has anyone actually found a good practical use for it?

*The core of this team (mostly in the days of Alterac Valley and Onyxia’s Lair, where I’d found it to be a very effective, reliable and flexible party for most of those bounties) in my interpretation used to be as follows: Velen, Cornelius, Anduin, Varian (I used to play him with the War Banner, but after its rework Shalamayne seems just a better offensive option, especially now that Retaliation give extra health anyway, even though it used to be effective even without it), most often Xyrella (especially needed since you couldn’t play any red mercs against those dwarven sharpshooters) and also someone else — either a merc needed for a particular bounty (boss fight or unlocking equipment) or someone generally useful in the field, e.g. in the later revisions I’d been using Balinda, since she was one of the few green mercs with AoE for more effective clearing of some encounters, had the water elemental ho help and even benefitted somewhat from that ‘Human’ tag. Depending on the enemies, you could put various combinations on the battlefield, for example: Velen-Cornelius-Anduin, Xyrella-Velen-Anduin (yeah, that one even against the greens when that dwarven sniper was a threat), Anduin-Cornelius-Varian (yep, Cornelius seemed to be the missing link to make the team with both Wrynns work together well) or even Balinda-Velen-Anduin.

As for more recent additions, we’ve also got Yrel, who looks somewhat promising, and Tyrael, although the team in general simply doesn’t look that effective for the latest bounties. However, I simply don’t see a place for red Uther in a team like that where he’d be more effective than any other protectors (hey, even Cariel looks more interesting as another tank, for instance), such as listed above. Has anyone got any constructive suggestions?

PS I’m not discussing PvP and it’s ‘meta’ here, which can be a diffrent thing (although Uther hasn’t exactly shined there in his new role yet)…

I didn’t have much use for Uther in either color. He was blue when he was on my task board, as you say sometimes useful as an alternate for Holy comp. I can’t think of when I’d want to use him in his new red form. Are there any greens out there that one does not want to Attack? Maybe the adds in the Baron Geddon fight? It’s been ages since I’ve done that, but I think Varian works just fine there.

Re: Varian - to me War Banner is better. Safer with the extra health, and will exceed Shalamayne if he retaliates more than three times, which he usually will. But I doubt there are many (or perhaps any) fights where that equipment choice makes the difference between winning and losing. :slight_smile:

For me, holy comp is Velen-Cornelius-Anduin, with anyone useful for the boss fight on the bench. Often Varian, sometimes one of the holy greens for heroic Onyxia. Mostly Tirion, but Tyrael is a slight upgrade now. I don’t have much use for Yrel. Her equipment that boosts holy damage looks nice but I wasn’t impressed with her performance during her time on my task board.

Using New Uther - I don’t know. Interesting points about Ravak, but since that bounty only offers Jaina coins for me I never do it unless an event forces me to. Old Uther could indeed have been useful there, as you say. I used Old Uther in the Secret Cow bounty sometimes, as I recall; again New Uther is significantly worse. He could be of some use against Ichman now, but Holy is not the team I look at for that bounty (another one I don’t do anymore since there’s so little benefit remaining).

Oh, yeah, there was some event where you needed to complete a bounty with only humans, so one could use him instead of Velen there.

Interesting thought, although with protectors like Lokholar, Trigore and possibly some others around, Uther doesn’t look that impressive.

Used to be that the War Banner was already better on the second attack, therefore I chose it. Nowadays, as you say, it’s the fourth one — by which time he probably already overkills his opponents anyway (or they should be all or mostly dead), while the earlier attacks might not be as impactful as they could, therefore Shalamayne for me now. As for extra HP — well, it used to work before even without them (especially with Cornelius and Anduin helping), so they are of little concern to me in this party, however, I see the War Banner as an alternate, more defensive strategy, where Varian’s teammates cannot help him as readily, perhaps.

Heroic Louis Philips used to be the one where even small bits mattered… But that was before the huge nerf.

The ‘classic’ (‘original’) one is probably Xyrella-Velen-Anduin. Varian became a force to be reckoned with after his rework, thus the ‘Holy-Human’ team. But then again, the strength of this team in the Alterac Valley has been its flexibility, since no single combination is very effective — or even viable — against every possible fight there.

I used to farm that one with ‘Team H’ quite effectively, actually, Tirion being the ‘special guest star’ for the occasion. With Cornelius, Tirion and Anduin (put on the board in that order), it was quite a surefire way to take the boss down. I don’t see how Uther is much better then a cheaper alternative, Cornelius, who is also probably more convenient for climbing, but it is possible.

An afterthought: if anyone, it’s Sir Finley who could actually be much better against Ichman than Uther now…

Uther needs +1 damage on his first skill and like recent buffs, absorb his first and 2nd equip into his abilities and receive new ones.
His taunt could heal at least +1hp and maybe last longer than 1 turn.

Uther needs +1 damage on his first skill
His taunt could heal at least +1hp

Might I ask how you have estimated this? It would be interesting to know if you have encountered or considered some situation where the skills in their current form do not hit a certain ‘breakpoint’… Or is it just a suggestion?

and maybe last longer than 1 turn

Hmm… It would mean that he could taunt (or ‘taunt’, well… somebody; the whole ‘blessing of protection’ thing has always seemed a bit ironic to me, on the verge of subtle trolling: 'Alright, hereby I bestow on thee the blessing of protection… our protection… by your face. :shield: For justice! :hammer::laughing:) on par with the Roames (I mean the proper ones, of course) in PvE (but then again, why do we need another tank of the kind?), however, in PvP, for which some of his kit was supposedly intended, that could be both a benefit and a drawback, losing the element of surprise for the subsequent turn after it’s cast. Hmm…