Are these events for cheaters only or what?

1- U should not have picked such a powerful ability like valanyr as any active ability is counted on tuft it out’s activation, not only that but u could have focused malfurion’s move on him, u clearly didnt checked the speed of the moves.

2- Your team should focus on his lackeys not on him since they are the ones with strong abilities and Ravak needs them for combos, without them he is hopeless.

3- Your team isnt good in this match, since bright wing has low damage and blink fox uses arcane rather than nature damage so no bonus healin from malfurion.
A proper nature build is Malfurion+Brukan+Guff, as guff can deal heavy damage, Malfurion heals and speeds up the team and brukan boosts nature damage.

Also, remember that u dont need to try this on heroic.


you sound like a pro for this mode :slight_smile: i wish i had someone in friend list for those tips, i have created a team with those mercs in it but they are not lvl 30. and the root from malfurion was because the right enemy can attack and the boss in middle don’t attack so doesn’t need a root because he will always damage. and no i use another account for topic :smiley: as you can see my name ingame and on forum :stuck_out_tongue: thnx for the help.

Sorry, I’ve read the angry rant only cursorily and haven’t watched the recording… Ravak used to be quite easy even on Heroic, if memory serves, with a team like Velen + Anduin + Uther (best replaced by Bru’kan nowadays due to colours), and there are probably numerous other ways to do this, too, although I’ve not tested it extensively.

The idea behind the suggestion above is speed manipulation: you just slow down the guy who freezes everyone, so that Ravak gets nothing, and heal up to mitigate the damage from enemies. Another possible alternative could be to use Ragnaros with Sulfuras and prevent the freezing, although I haven’t tested it either… I suppose the way you want to approach this depends on your collection.

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I’m just getting hit with terrible luck with this event. Can’t make it to the boss without losing a character. Some cheap ability will 3 shot a character behind a taunt without being able to react to it. Its very infuriating

Which mob is destroying your mercs?

It might refer to that Stormpike ramrider or whatever it is called… At least that’s what I would guess — it’s one of the more threatening mobs there. But then again, I’ve said many times that Alterac mobs can be notoriously unforgiving for many parties.

I would recommend either my ‘Holy-Human’ team or a Nature-Dragon hybrid (Malfurion, Guff, Bru’kan, Yu’lon with Pearl, Sinestra and Nefarian — this particular combination has a good colour distribution for various opponents) for climbing in Alterac in general, unless you need a very specific combination for the boss (e.g. for Drek’Thar my suggestion is Mutanus-Diablo-Geddon). I haven’t tested the latter for Ravak, though — maybe one could do it with Nature also on Heroic, feedback would be appreciated.

seriously what a * trash event, i whish i could remove this trash. pure frustration, i work my ** off and lucky got a portal, but nothing works. this boss is a cheat. and the worse thing is, i do not even get a second chance :@

What’s lucky about that? You miss opportunities to get beneficial treasures.

What party did you use and how does it fail?

Although one could have probably spent time better, I’ve actually done it on Heroic now… without losing anybody… with the following party: Velen, Cornelius, Anduin, Varian, Xyrella, Bru’kan. For the boss, you should only need Bru’kan, Velen and Anduin. The strategy is as described above. I had a couple of useful treasures (Strength of Wrynn 5 and Blessing of the Moon’s 5 respectively), but nothing game-changing (although having some spellpower has helped to get rid of a water elemental with Anduin at some point), and I’ve intentionally avoided using something like Val’anyr. Velen took a bit of beating, and I couldn’t resist throwing in a bit of chain lightning at some point, but otherwise it didn’t seem that impossible.

Mind you, for the event one doesn’t even have to do it on heroic.

PS Wait, the event isn’t even over yet, is it? Meaning you can still do it.

PPS Alright, after one ‘failed’ attempt, where I’ve actually been bailed out by the ‘Resurrection’ treasure, but played sloppily, I’ve done it again, this time picking ‘useless’ treasures (i.e. passive ones that don’t contribute to the fight or active ones I would not use, despite their quality, in order to simulate having no treasure) purposefully, quite easily, so this is probably as representative and reproducible as it goes. Here’s the key: Bru’kan keeps slowing the left, blue enemy for as long as needed (namely, while Ravak is still up), Velen and Anduin work on the rightmost red guy with their first skills initially, and, due to the water elemental being summoned on turn 2 and the way speed ties work in PvE, use the combo (Velen’s Blessing + Holy Nova) on turn 3, clearing it up and avoiding problems with being frozen.

Although initially I’ve done it with Uther in order to test him while at it (I don’t recommend Uther now, by the way, just play it safely and use Bru’kan instead, who’s also more easily available), played it somewhat sloppily (misclicked at an important moment), have been bailed out by ‘Resurrection’, thus completing the actual task, and haven’t bothered with it much, now I’ve found it to be a curious little puzzle. I repeat: it’s easiy doable even on the heroic difficulty instead of normal, without any treasures or any particular luck, I’ve even described in detail how (and the party I’ve suggested is, in my opinion, one of the best for climbing in Alterac, so you should be fine there as well), and I don’t know how badly one has to play in order to fail it. If you haven’t got Velen and Anduin, well, I suppose you could look into more budget options and do it on normal difficulty instead…


Thanks for the information :+1:t2::smiley: 2 of those mercs I am missing. I have ragnaros on my training bench now. And I think about using hooktusk to make the blue merc a red merc. Then I have 1 blue merc 1 red merc and the last should be brukan or a good healer. Or a tank. No i don’t want to be stubborn but I don’t have those mercs. I also want to see which mercs are nearly able to get crafted.
I don’t know the event rewards. If it’s yogg. I got that merc with midsummer event already. The event that makes me a mercenaries player. More then regular ranking.

About rewards:
As for Ragnaros, you want him in a team like Chi-Ji, Geddon and Ragnaros. Maybe I’ll take a look if it’s doable with Malfurion, Bru’kan and Guff.


Okay, so, it can be a little close with the aforementioned combo, but doable on normal (and the party I’ve used is as recommended above: Malfurion, Guff, Bru’kan, Yu’lon with Pearl, Sinestra and Nefarian — you use either the nature trio or the dragons for normal opponents, depending on the colours and whatever is more comfortable, and the Nature party for the boss). It took me two attempts, and I’ve even tried to avoid most good treasures, so you don’t need to depend on them (but you can definitely grab them). Just make sure to use Muddy Footing on the blue guy, while Guff can work on Ravak, and Malfurion… well… is trying not to die, maybe even using Archdruid’s Call for healing.

Finally, there is an option I would generally not recommend, due to this self-styled ‘content creator’ and self-proclaimed ‘guru’ being, in my opinion, not so competent (albeit supercilious and toxic) as he thinks, to put it mildly, and his guides often being low-quality and misleading, but, if all else fails, you can try some of the options suggested here:
(there is another one below in the playlist)

Not something I would rely upon (it very well might depend on quirks and luck rather than repeatable strategy — I haven’t reviewed these in detail), but if even a player like this has managed to do the task with those parties, then so can probably you, and if it works — fine.


Out of boredom, just have done it also with Fire on Heroic without losing anybody. Couldn’t resist picking up Elementary Studies along the way, though (Ragnaros with Sulfuras instead of the Blazing Rune can be a completely different story sometimes), and my mercs are fully maxed. Balinda-Geddon-Ragnaros or whatever depending on enemy colours for climbing, Chi-Ji, Ragnaros with Sulfuras and Geddon for the boss, Alexstrasza and Tyrael on the bench (the former just in case, the latter for a chance of coins, which I didn’t get; you might be better of putting Cookie there, actually increasing your mercs’ survival chances).

I just got ragnaros lvl 30. But I also created some topics about not getting visitors when needed. This frustration isn’t worth it to me. If blizzard don’t want to earn my money then they can keep designing those scripted trash. I have more games where I have tasks. This boss is just ridiculous that he stole my mercs ability to full heal. We players may not cheat and I don’t want to. We get banned. But why does the npc cheat? Like the lich king times back then. They have no hand. The deck and hand cards are 1 combination. That why he has always a counter.
All i want is nice loot, if they make me angry I quit. I have beaten many difficult bosses, but this event is just a cheater.

Look, several people, including myself, have spent their time and given you constructive advice on how to solve this particular problem, for instance, with multiple alternatives (all of them viable and consistent, some of them even budget, I’ve actually even tested a few of them to prove they still work, as described in detail in this topic), yet you continue with the kind of posting which resembles the ‘Angry German Kid’ online phemonenon (see also this, for instance). I suppose you’ve got the right for whatever attitude you prefer, but I don’t find further discussion in this direction constructive. You can continue the ‘rage’ — but without me, or you could instead come back with specific details: for example, ‘I ran with this party that was suggested in this topic, did this, but than that problem happened, how do I succced then?’ Anyway, good luck and have fun.


Sorry. You are a good person and I appreciate the help. After dinner I will try what you advised me. I first had to lvl the mercs. Maybe I sound a bit rude or frustrated. But these days everywhere I hear or see bad news. And a place where I want to relax…. No not again :blush: I will stop whining now. I come back after I tried ravak battle. If it’s beaten or if it failed. But if I make the team you described it has to me a win.

i give up, i tried it again, i tried another party because all mercs you described are not max lvl and or doesn’t have the right perks. i play safe for now and i don’t try this again. it’s better for everyone, when i quit i stop hating on how bad everything is. and i go just play like i did and over time i am going to pick those mercs and go for an upgrade. for now 8 days looks good but it will be a stress to me because vacation is over and i have to work again. today i was in the gym, very relaxing and i felt good and happy, till i tried this garbage again and now i am mad again. thats not worth it to ruin my life by a cheating boss. i better stay calm and in a good mood. then maybe going to get a merc i wont use at all. like the merc from midsummer event. its useless. he has an ability to cast random spells, and ofc he attacked my own team, so * this merc i won’t use it again.

i have most dragons in a good shape, and anout the boons you described, i said i was lucky to get a portal but then you said i missed nice boosts. now i got the figher boost and next battle was a fighter battle and so i lost 2 mercs and i concede. i have beated many difficult bosses, secret cow on heroic, nefarian battle and more not so easy ones. but ravak is a cheater, as you see in the video, he just stole my full heal ability, if this is how you want to deal with customers. then there is something wrong, a challange is oke but then on heroic mode, not a normal mode. it’s just unfair. they make an event… why? to make ppl mad and hope they spend money in the store. not this time.

and as i said i appreciate the help of the other players, who are real hero’s with feeling.
but game design is just to make ppl angry. i also haven’t bought the battlepass, i was about to buy it. but this trash rng is not worth it. yes i have faster gold. but i want to get legendarys for my most played character. if there are 25 new legendary cards in an expansion. thats maybe 20 thats not for my class. 1 in every 40 packs = 800 packs. 160 packs (4x 400 dust) for 1 legendary of choice. but then when i create it, the matchmaking make it worse so the legendary is useless.
as you can see my frustration is huge. last expansion i haven’t looted a single legendary for my class.

i feel better if i stop trying. if i could begin at ravak it would be good. but after every fail i have to climb again and at the end boss 1 mistake and i have to try again. if i imagine this i get angry already, i can spend my time better. and this is only the first task of the event.

thanks and have a nice day

What kind of mercenaries have you got in a good shape? I’ve noticed that your Malfurion looks fine, has some skills at level 3 — and Archdruid’s Call even at level 5 — and the most important piece, the Liferoot Staff, at level 4, which is already good for PvE. For Guff, you really need only the second skill nowadays, others don’t matter here, the equipment doesn’t matter. For Bru’kan, you might want some of his main skills (especially that Lightning Bolt) somewhere at level 3 for climbing, equipment doesn’t matter that much, and for the boss, as said, you’ll be using mostly Muddy Footing. If you’re careful, you can probably climb to the boss with this whole party and do the fight. Cookie with Appetizers on the bench could also be useful just for that extra health for your mercs, so bring him with you if you have him. You might throw in a couple of mercs like Lady Anacondra, Yu’lon, Morgl and so on, so that it could be a full thematic Nature party.

PS Notice that, apart from Malfurion, whom you already have in a good shape, the others mentioned here are rare mercs, generally easy to get and upgrade, so I hope you’ll be fine.

I just have bad rng this time. All other bosses before ravak are mostly random. I just met lady vashjir. She do critical damage to merc who already acted. 22 damage to 3 mercs and malfurion died.
It’s not my fault. The game hates me because I don’t spend enough. No matter what I try. I keep getting destroyed. If I get boons they get stolen. And the enemy also get the boons if they have the same color portals never give visitors. I tried a team with 4 mercs who were not lvl 30 but I didn’t get a visitor. If I don’t deserve to have fun then they can better say it directly to me. Then I move on. I saw more topics of you. And I see you are a person who have maxed out everything except cthun. I just playing mercs for a few months. Because regular matchmaking is bad. Too much mages. I hate those ppl. Now I discovered mercenaries I gave that a try. But seems like it’s the same.

Maybe the ppl are right and I have to play the sims again like when I was young. No rng. You know what you get were you pay for. No other players that annoys you. No ppl with high ping. No grind.

Do you mean ordinary opponents on the way to the boss, also referred to as ‘trash mobs’ sometimes?

Yep, sometimes you can get unlucky with those, and many people have noticed that mercenary opponents can be more difficult than ‘native’ mobs. More details on planning your route on the map below.

I wouldn’t say this game mode is about spending… In fact, I’ve done this bounty on Heroic without losing anyone with a budget — rares only — Nature party: Yu’lon with the Jadefire Spear, Morgl with Morgl’s Mitt, Lady Anacondra with the Signet of the Wilds, Guff, Bru’kan and Cookie (I’ve talked about these three already). Got a fast portal, so almost no treasures, except for a Nature staff +3 on Morgl. You can get through ordinary enemies with the big viper that Anacondra summons (and Morgl with Yu’lon buff it), and then, for the boss you can go with Morgl, Guff and Bru’kan, maybe even better than Malfurion.

I think your problem may be the lack experience in this game mode, probably knowledge… and dedication. But then again, nothing we can’t help you with, at least regarding the first part. :slight_smile:

What do you mean by ‘stolen’? By the way, I would recommend a map where you can avoid any kinds of boons, mystery nodes unless you can avoid them in case it’s the infamous ‘Hot Potato’ or something else stupid that you don’t want… and possibly elite fights, depending on how strong your party is, how confident you are, what is their colour and if there are spirit healers to rescue you if you lose somebody there. If you don’t get a good map with a nice way to the boss, you can just retire and re-roll the map.

Farming for the mysterious stranger is harder nowadays, yes… But you can just keep doing tasks for those mercenaries that already are at your campfire (and if it’s someone you don’t care much about at the moment, you can remove them — someone else will visit you the next day), you get the next task automatically, so eventually you’ll get there.

Nope, it’s Tyrael. But then again, I’ve suggested a few alternatives for various ‘budgets’, and your mercs generally don’t need to be maxed — it’s mostly some crucial skills that matter most, as I’ve explained above for Malfurion, Guff and Bru’kan.

You’ve mentioned a few times having mercs that aren’t yet level 30. It sounds like you haven’t unlocked the training grounds yet. It does cost gold, but not much, and you don’t need to upgrade it, the base version is fine. Two days in the training grounds gets any merc from lvl 1 to 30. Getting 30 not only maximizes the merc’s stats, but usually unlocks their first equipment. I wouldn’t recommend anything past Winterspring without full lvl 30s unless you’re very confident.

Training grounds is more of a convenience feature than a necessity, if you ask me. It saves you the trouble of levelling your mercenaries up ‘manually’, i.e. by bringing them to bounties in order to mostly sit on the bench and get XP, but it hasn’t really been the greatest obstacle to get them into playable shape — getting coins (and tasks) has.

I’ve fully upgraded my village, especially since it’s convenient when new mercenaries appear, it doesn’t cost much and there’s not much use for gold otherwise, apart from buying returning heroes and the like, for me (playing mostly Mercenaries and also Classic, where I have most of the cards and all the cards I need for it right now), but it depends on one’s preferences. For me, both the upgrades have been very welcome, others might prefer saving their gold for something else instead.

Finally beat him :slight_smile:

Sometimes i use Mr. smite at the left side (for ability 3), then trigor middle and varian on the right side. This looks funny.

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Congratulations! You might even be on time to finish the rest of the event, although you would have to speed up your pace.

You strategy looks somewhat unorthodox, judging by the video preview, too, perhaps I should look into it…


So, I’ve taken a look mostly at the part with the boss fight… See, you’ve managed to do it even with an odd strategy (no offence intended — in fact, well done, being creative with what tools you’ve got at your disposal! By the way, interesting move — or perhaps I should say it’s quite a good one — with turning Rag into a caster, although I would use different equipment oh Hooktusk for that purpose in order to heal your own merc instead of just applying bleeding; obtaining it requires beating a difficult boss, though, dunno if you have it yet) with a bunch of severely underlevelled mercs (in terms of ability levels), who look like what they call a ragtag bunch of misfits — does that count as cheating? :grinning:

Oh, one more thing: do you ever read what your opponents are trying to do? You know, it is possible in bounties, and they say it helps… sometimes… Are you so good that you remember all their abilities — and when they prefer to use them — by heart or do you just roll blindly and, if that fails, begin writing angry posts instead? :grinning: