Mercenaries Update

The following is being posted on behalf of the Mercenaries team:

We know players are eagerly waiting for some way to use their excess coins. We’ve previously shared that we have a two-stage plan for that solution. We are nearly ready for stage one of that plan. In Patch 24.6, we will be introducing a new system that will let you exchange excess coins for a resource you can then trade for Coins for Mercs you haven’t yet Maxed. In stage two of our plan, this system will also tie into challenging end-game content. We’re excited to share more information about each stage of the plan, closer to when it launches.

In the meantime, Patch 24.4 is just around the corner and it includes tons of new Mercs, new Bounties, and more! Check the reveal calendar for upcoming reveals, and we’ll see you in the Fighting Pit.


I was excited at first: I thought they removed it from the hs client

Whats the update on plans to revert BGs back from being pay to win?

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So the 50k Xyrella coins I have will finally be useful? Can’t imagine how high the exchange rate is going to be with the amount of excess coins created since the mode launched.

Glad to see at least some kind of update at least.

Probably something like “pay 1000 excess mercenary coins to get 10 mercenary soul fragments of the same rarity” (excess rare mercenary coins gets you rare mercenary soul fragments, and so on).

Then “pay 100 mercenary soul fragments to get 10 mercenary coins of the same rarity”. Or maybe just get one if it’s a Legendary merc, haha.

A great way to get rid of your excess coins indeed :slight_smile:

Just delete that awful boring cash grab p2w game mode already

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