Mercenaries tutorial free packs

I did the mercenaries tutorial - at least I thought I did. I certainly do not want to play it further. I am not interested in games like that. I play hearthstone to play hearthstone - not some game where you pretty much watch the game play itself. It’s completely stupid. So how do I get rid of the free card packs? Or what do I need to do to open them?

You need to build the shop (one of the last steps of the tutorial) to open packs.

The first successful run against the Ferocious Quillboar bounty is part of the tutorial (as shown on the taskboard), completing it (and claiming the task on the taskboard) unlocks the shop.

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If it’s not your cup of tea okay, but that’s not even remotely how Mercs is played.

I didn’t do it either and I am not planning to do it, so I don’t know anything.

Are you saying you need to spend gold to get the free packs? That would be such an activision-blizzard move :joy:

thats the current tavern brawl not mercenaries

The only building that costs anything to construct is the Fighting Pit (PvP), the only other buildings that have any gold cost associated with them are the Travel Point (to unlock Heroic bounties) and the Task Board (to get more tasks at the same time).

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