Mercenaries are dead now / Bliz nerf the only way to farm

They need a better end game. Maybe they could have a random map with random enemies, including mini bosses, and a gold reward for completing, so you can buy packs. Random treasures that are very powerful, and maybe anomalies. It needs to feel more roguelike so you have something to do with your mercs after they are maxxed. It was just released and there’s a lot of content, but I hope this type of thing gets implemented.


Farming is gaming the system, which is cheating.

Developing your characters through playing repeatedly is literally the point of the game mode, how is it in any way cheating. Facepalm.


Mercs was dead before the nerf, because its pretty boring atm!

Its really bare bones with no longevity atm.


yea yo this feels bad even thinking about leveling up a legendary…
i noticed how slow it was ever leveling up 1 (lich king)
i recently got jaraxxus and i only have 25 coins after doing dailies and completing normal adventure… i will literally never get this guy anywhere (not that i want to use a demon build anyhow)
wish i could dust him and my 51 tamsin outfits.

Bro farming isn’t gaming the system at all; farming was very CLEARLY intended to be part of this game. If it wasn’t, then they wouldn’t have gated power behind equipment which is acquired by tasks that randomly drop. Farming is a part of most rpgs/gacha games, and it’s pretty obvious that blizzard intended for players to farm as it provides replay value for limited development efforts.



There is rumors about how great Felwood 6 is (normal or heroic) also many streamer do videos about it

My testing:
8 runs
1 MS
1 Portal
3 Potato
3 Sabotage.

Yeah its almost same good as barens :smiley: :smiley:

I have all mercenaries except 6 and all of them are above 7 task so I miss “just” upgrades. Poor rest of us who don´t even have gear.

There are like 2000 more projects need their developer do, but they made most mistaken one.

Nobody develop a game for people play entirely for free, so no surprise
I’m trying download it just to get the mount if I will play world of wacraft again someday, but Im getting error everytime. Really dont know if worth the time anyway.