March of the Lich King Theorycrafting and Pre-Release Festivities

March of the Lich King Theorycrafting and Pre-Release Festivities

Join us on December 1 as your favorite content creators join the Lich King’s army!

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Hi I’m trying to understand how to unlock nemsy but I have no idea how it works. I hosted a private gathering with some friends but that still didn’t unlock it

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a question about improved care handling, if we have a higher quality card will it count towards the set total reward now?

I’m very new to gatherings and relatively new to Hearthstone. Am I reading it correctly that you need to have already hosted an event before you can host a private one?

Where can we find a list of all the invited players?


In light of the ongoing health risks associated with in-person gatherings, the ability to create public in-person events is still disabled at this time.

Any update on when we will be able to create public events? There are no health risks associated with in-person gatherings in my country (USA).

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I avoid public gatherings because I do not wish to be shot.


I don’t recall anything about hearthstone gatherings being inherently violent. And I’ve never heard of anyone being shot at one, in the usa or elsewhere…

Too bad the company can’t figure out nearly three years into a pandemic how to properly make fireside and other gatherings properly VIRTUAL for an ONLINE game.

If only they had billions in resources to try and figure out this problem.

Poor indie company problems…

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Easy way to make me not want to participate in this game at all is to gatekeep for streamers. Very tired of this practice of allowing streamers privileges that give them an advantage over the average joe. IMO having a shared experience of everyone having access to the game at the same time would garner more excitement and hype etc. Just another example of how the video game industry is

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You created an account just to say this?

On a related note: Why did you give yourself this nickname; it doesn’t seem to me that you love life at all? You seem bitter & resentful.

Just my opinion.

Poster who says this:

seemingly created account just to troll, harass, and violate coc to promote the company and

way more than anyone speaking out about the issues with the game and the company ever will. Holy Light, you randomly brought paranoia about real life violence into a discussion about firesides in this very thread even though there’s (to the best of anyone’s knowledge) any incident of it occurring.

But of course, the mods will continue to ignore these kinds of posts, because those who violate coc on behalf of the company get away with anything, up to and including real life threats (along with hate speech, bullying a poster who said they were on the verge of suicide, harassment, and every other coc violation on their list), but I would expect no less from a company that gaslighted the people they were abusing in their workplace for years and paid less than half of what weinstein paid for the same offenses.

Stay classy mods, team 5, actiblizz, and microsoft!

covid is still a huge problem. Its just completely incorrect to say there are “no health risks” when any educated person could point out the pandemic is still going on in full force.


Can anyone open packs at the fireside? I can’t

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Same here, packs are locked…

+1 still lock…tried many time