March of the Lich King is NOW LIVE!

March of the Lich King is NOW LIVE!

Hearthstone’s latest expansion—introducing the new Death Knight class—is now live worldwide!

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My congratulations!!! Let’s start the adventure!!!

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Muy bonito y todo, pero, por qué desapareció una legendaria de mi mazo de sacerdote? Necesito ayuda

Dear Heartstone,

I played this game for 8 years and I see that: drop rate for free players is drop down slowly on last 2 years until now.
I want to report this on new exp: March of the Lich King:

1 account free with 66 packs (all free)-> 3 legendaries and few epics
5 premium account with 110-120 packs (all payed €€) → 10-11 legendaries each one


gg blizzard

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Too bad your Death Knight introduction solo campaign is broken on day one. Guess thats another failed content release :stuck_out_tongue:


How is it broken? I went through the intro fine to get the new character. You need to elaborate more, instead of (&#$973 broken #&$(&#. What is broken about it?

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  1. It skipped the first battle, so every single VO line was for the wrong fight.
  2. I finished the “Illidan” fight by beating Sylvanus, then the campaign ended with no rewards.
  3. I went back into the campaign, and it showed completed.
  4. I restarted HS to see if that fixed it, and got the popup for the solo campaign again, which put me back on the second fight again.
    Broken enough?

Not that it matters anyway. 90% of the DK cards are so weak no one will play them lol…

Oh and lets not forget that 1/3 of the DK cards are hidden behind the “Path of Arthas” bundle, which only shows as golden in the store, and unless you know its hidden inside that, you cant get the normal cards }:smiley:


So cards that I used to own have completely disappeared! I know this because my decks are showing that I don’t have cards that were already in my pre-built decks.

How are you going to fix this? How are you going to give me back what I already had and ensure you did my forget one? What will you do for the inconvenience after you restore my collection?

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How is this? You have 5 friends who owns premium account and these statistics came form them and you have the free one? Or you are owning 6 accounts total? Anyway… if that is true… than it is really sad and pathetic… :frowning:

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It’s almost as if opening 2x packs rewards 2x legendaries :thinking:

It won’t work at all for me. I can go to the Modes and the Solo Adventures and I can’t start it at all. The button to begin is unclickable and it freezes the game for me. I keep my game updated, I’ve quit out of the game and restarted Battlenet and the game both, and I’m a paid member of the Battlenet community. It should just work.

Why when I lose to Uther in the Prologue does it keeps telling me to make a new deck when there is no option to make a new deck in the prologue.

It sucks because he starts with 3 Silver Hand Recruits and by the time you get the right cards to do damage to him it is game over because his minions are constantly getting damage points added by his repeat spell cards with each turn, he takes. By the time I get to round 5 it is game over because I am dead.

I have played this game since day 1 and it seems like with each year, they take two steps back before going forward to make it fun again.

Need more deck slots… 27 is not enough. at least 3 lots for each class (so 33 slots in total)

Estoy igual. Ahora no puedo jugar a Jaina la Exánime (el único deck que juego).

This expansion looks pretty good!