[Main Thread] Duels not working - Jan 19th 2024

The latter I guess. Blizzard can’t afford to solve this, they do not have the people right now… I wonder why :open_mouth: There wasn’t anyone laid off recently, was there? :open_mouth:

Everyone should reread this. I don’t know where you’re getting that duels is ending. All he said is it was shutdown until they could fix an exploit. Duels has been in beta for a while and this may also be the last thing they need to fix before making it a final version. I’ve been pretty uninterested in the game while I’ve been unable to enjoy duels, however seeing this response lets me rest easy knowing it’s being corrected. And let’s not forget if you don’t finish a run before the season ends, you get a voucher back so it’s not a big loss.

No, dude. They are shutting the mode down in April. This has been announced. I looked into it after it was posted here. And when they do, Hearthstone is over for me.

Well damn. So much for hearthstone. Guess it’s no more money for blizzard until SC3 comes out >.>

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