Magatha SHOULD DESTROY PLAGUES in your deck

We all know HS coding is horrible and how some interactions work, but the pinnacle of it is Magatha drawing all the plagues and resolving their effects. Plague DK is in every game, and the only “counter” is Steamcleaner which is 5 mana 5/5 garbage that does nothing against most decks, while plague cards have great stats and powerful plague effects… I know you will nerf it after new cards release, so we buy those and forget about plagues. You just like to destroy your own games, shame on you Blizzard

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The plagues literally say “Cast when DRAWN”.

You can use it against sludge warlocks to help them beat you and bring a smile to their face.

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What a narcissistic suggestion. So you effectively say make that deck TOTALLY USELESS AND COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE AGAINST IT.

Should we also automatically give you Legend 1?

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Yet they do not go off if said person has max cards in their hand. It was still DRAWN, but gets burned because of their hand. So you just lost that arguement.

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That would be amazing to hand them off to the dk, and watch them explode in their face, then shuffle into the dk’s own deck.

That’s the kind of smart interactions the game SHOULD have.

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The card doesn’t get drawn… Drawn implies it entered the hand, that’s not the mechanics. If your hand is full and you attempt to draw a card, it will be burned instead. It’s the same reason why you don’t immediately draw another card after it’s burned, and why other “when drawn” effects don’t trigger when a card is burned.

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it wasnt drawn

it never reached your hand so it burned cards arent drawn

i think i understand the type of effect youll want but i think it could be too disruptive

magatha draws cards from your deck so you arent talking about that card you are talking about swap deck type of effect but swap without swaping

ive seen it in another game a card that allows players draw from opponent decks instead of their own butall other effects use their own decks

not sure thats a good idea for HS

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Keep talking to the mirror. The OP wants to win 100% of the time against an entire deck archetype.

Keep supporting them and then pretending you are not the one whining “me always win!1”.

Neither are unending plagues with no counter.

At least one could beat bomb decks.

Holy Light, I never thought we’d find design worse than bomb meta.

Feel free to quote where that’s posted, or admit you’re being dishonest, and trolling. Again.

You lie like the best… Once rotation hits there will be no card(s) that get rid of plagues making DKS stupid op. While I disagree with only giving that ability to 1 class, they are in fact 100% on something needs to be done to be able to get rid of plauges.

not sure well see enough HL decks for decks to be relevant
all plagues best match ups are HL decks or run HL cards to go live after drawing their entire decks

and those decks are losing a lot of cards on rotation

do you remember playing vs plague decks before HL cards release ? for what i remember the deck was terrible or barely played

Why complain about plagues? Rainbow and paladin and so many more decks are stronger. Just see HS replay and sort by win rates. Plagues isn’t even on page 1.

It’s not my fault you and the OP are both incapable to understand how the game works.

That deck archetype can ONLY win with plagues for all practical intends and purposes

You WILL win ~100% of the time with what you whine to the Devs to do.

that you can’t provide direct quotes where he posted:

that is 100% your fault. Still waiting for that evidence.

Refusal to netdeck is midwit obstinacy.

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and embracing it proves how little player input matters in this card game.

Too many brats using the “You attacked me wrong” philosophy, pretending to be smart and gorgeous. If you get frustrated easily you should go fishing instead of asserting your bland opinions :laughing::laughing::laughing: