Madness at the Darkmoon Faire is NOW LIVE!

Madness at the Darkmoon Faire is NOW LIVE!

Hearthstone’s newest expansion is live! Log-in now and bust open your packs!

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Hi there, fun expansion!

I already got one of the God’s.

I opened over 70 packs so far and I got only meme legendaries and no old gods. So thanks Bli$$ard for another expension that is unplayable for me. Maybe in two years when this expension is rotating out the game is playable again for me…


Many assume that the meta will be aggro dominated again. So you probably will be able to play it. Btw it’s silly to complain about a rng based system.

My goodness, all the bellyaching going on… The game is changing as it’s growing guys. Just adapt and enjoy the experience.

If you enjou it to get sucker punched and kicked in the balls, be my guest. I don’t like it. Not at all.
And printing meme legendaries like Deck of Chaos to me feels like Bli$$ard is spitting in the eyes of tehir players.

Free random legendary?


Von wegen kostenlose karte…50 lvl soll man doch bitte durch laufen…ja ne ist klar wegen einer karte?..oder ein Gasthaus Event veranstalten ja klar zu Corona Zeiten aber sicher doch…,mal im ERNST ihr lest euch eure geschriebenen News auch durch?..sorry das war ja mal ein griff in Klo…wirklich traurig !!!

F you blizzard and F your battlepass. Also Free Hong Kong!

wish I had money to buy the 276 packs needed to get all the cards

Currently not enjoying this expansion what so ever…
what a load of trash

Firstly was hugely disappointed about the new XP system which seemed really cool at first until I found out after reaching leVel 20 I had to play several quests just to get 100 gold… on top of now the disappearance of 3 wins 10 gold rewards! no where near as much as what I was getting before daily

And then the design of the new cards is utter garbage… carnival clown is on another level of stupid… even if you revolve that junk they come out as 9 drops… not even Nomi gave such broken value… and he was a legendary (at least he had a massive drawback and condition) after survival of the fittest that clown card is beyond broken… they shouldn’t have taunt … at least… or should be summoned as 4 drops…
and then on the other side of the spectrum you have legendary cards that are complete and utterly useless! Such as Kiri! 4 mana 2/2 really?!! That just adds two mediocre spells to your hand?!! You know maybe it would be ok if those spells cost 0… Do you know how awful the feeling is getting such a useless legendary considering how hard it is to get a legendary in a pack?!!

Also the game is broken full of glitches I can’t play my cards! They are just frozen on the bottom… every update seems to make the game crash even more then it did before!

Worst expansion since I started HS

everything in this game is broken…you should let us tested this and listen to our feed back before releasing it.

donde esta la misión diaria de oro, gana 3 partidas y 10 de oro como ahora uno juntara oro para la próxima expansión, quieren hacernos comprar sus expansiones para poder jugar decentemente, así no es

Free random legendary?